Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 919

Chapter 919 Getting Into The Future Mother In Laws Good Books

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"Cough. Please continue. Ill get going first." Pulling the leash, she dragged Tianba out.

"Phew" Almost everyone heaved a long sigh of relief.

Lin Wanwan first brought it to a pet shop. She had brought out almost all the female dogs to it but it didnt fancy any of them. The breeding process could only be brought to a stop temporarily.

The next day, she went to the hospital and picked up Liu Zilin, who had recovered.

"Zilin, Ill bring you to meet my manager. He will familiarize you with the duties of an assistant. You can stay with him in the future."

Liu Zilin subconsciously tugged on her sleeve. "Can I not stay together with him?"

Lin Wanwan assumed only that she felt it was proper for men and women to keep a distance. "Dont worry. Therere a few villas at the winery. You dont have to stay together with him."


Lin Wanwan stated her intentions after arriving at the winery.

Si Han was a lazy person. After Ruan Baoer, his unpaid slave, was gone, he hired two servants.

He asked the servant to bring Liu Zilin around the house next door first for her to familiarize herself with her surroundings.

"Its unusual to see that youre still willing to believe outsiders."

Lin Wanwan knew that Si Han was teasing her about Gu Yiens betrayal. She sipped her tea disapprovingly.

"I wouldnt be guarded against the whole world just because I was blind once. If you use a man, dont suspect him. If you suspect a man, dont use him. I believe Liu Zilin wont be heartless like Gu Yien."

Si Han didnt say yes or no. "Oh right, Robert wanted to find you to endorse his brand."

Lin Wanwan was stunned. "That big shot in the fashion industry?"

"Yes. I believe you are clear about his influential power. Ive made an agreement with him on your behalf. However, he has one condition. He hopes that you can participate in the model show he has personally prepared in the future."

"No problem."

She would be a fool not to agree to such a condition that had every advantage and no drawback to her.

Even with her status in the entertainment circle in her previous life, it had been difficult for her to seek connections with Robert. She didnt expect that a catwalk shed decided to do on impulse would actually lead to her having such a large piece of pie.

Lin Wanwan accompanied Liu Zilin at the winery for a while. After that, she returned to the Yun Mansion.

At night, she had on a facial mask when the mobile at the bedside table suddenly rang.

"Beibei, help me bring my mobile over."

Lu Zhanbei put down the book in his hand and placed the mobile close to her ear.


"Second Sister, its me." Lin Wanxins gentle voice could be heard from the receiver.

"Is anything the matter?"

"Its like this. Grandma called me and said that Grandpa wants our family to have a gathering. Are you free?"

"What time is it?"

"8 pm tomorrow."

Lin Wanwan recalled that she hadnt visited Old Master Lin for a while and immediately agreed.


Lin Wanxin suddenly choked with a sob. "Speaking of family, Im reminded of Siqing. Second Sister, Siqing has been missing for such a long time. Im so worried that something has happened to her."

Lin Siqing was long dead

Lin Wanwan didnt know how to tell Lin Wanxin the truth.

Ever since Lin Siqing "disappeared," Lin Wanxin had never given up finding her.

"You dont have to be too worried. Perhaps she will return soon."

Lin Wanwan casually comforted her, then found an excuse to hang up the call. After washing her face, she climbed into bed.

"Lu Zhanbei, itll be your mothers birthday soon, right?"


"As Im her future daughter-in-law, what do you think I should give her as a birthday present?"

"Anything, as long as its prepared with your heart."

"Oh. Let me think about it."

Getting into the future mother-in-laws good books was definitely a worldwide problem.

As Lin Wanwan was thinking, she accidentally fell asleep.

Lu Zhanbei switched off the lights and planted a kiss on her forehead. "Goodnight."