Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 920

Chapter 920 A Blind Date Gathering

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Liu Zilin officially followed Lin Wanwan as an assistant. She was like a babysitter and couldnt wait to serve Lin Wanwan 24 hours a day.

She poured tea one moment and bought fruits the next. She was practically treating her as the empress dowager.

Lin Wanwan felt a little helpless and decided to find some time to chat with her.

Night gradually fell. Lin Wanwan drove toward the Lin family home.

As the car drove nearer to the Lin family home, she felt that something was amiss.

All kinds of luxury cars were parked on both sides of the villa. The garden was also illuminated by lights. The servants carried trays in and out, and there was the atmosphere that the Lin family was holding a banquet.

Lin Wanwan parked the car. The butler immediately rushed forward.

"Second Miss, welcome back. Old Matriarch Lin has been waiting for a long time."

"Is Grandpa in?"

The butler didnt reply. "Second Miss, please."

Lin Wanwan frowned and walked in.

Since she was already here, she might as well see what that old woman was up to.

Lin Wanwan had guessed correctly.

Indeed, the Lin family had organized a banquet today. Although the Lin family was considered to be one of the rich and powerful families in the Imperial Capital, they were ranked last in the upper circles. Most of the invited guests shared the same status as the Lin family.

Occasionally, there were one or two that were slightly better than the rest. All of them put on airs and looked down on others.

In the living room, the well-dressed people were drinking and laughing together. The women compared themselves with one another while the men chatted about the recent changes in the business world.

"Second Miss has arrived!"

In an instant, almost everyones gazes landed on Lin Wanwan.

Most of the people here were young. When Old Master Lin held a birthday party in the past, they were absent and naturally didnt understand what had happened that day.

"Look. Shes that Lin Wanwan. The Second Miss of the family who became an actress."

"That illegitimate daughter? Look at her shabby clothes. She has no etiquette at all."

"Shes not bad-looking. I think its ok to play with her. To get a wife, I should still find one of equal social standing."

Lin Wanwan thought that this was just an ordinary family gathering and naturally just put on comfortable clothes.

A simple beige T-shirt was matched with same-colored slacks. Her long hair was tied into a refreshing and neat ponytail. Her face was without makeup. Compared to the rich young girls who had deliberately dressed up, she was obviously out of place.

She quietly swept her gaze over the unfamiliar faces and realized that the proportion of young men to women was more than half.

She understood it now. It was a blind date gathering.

"Wanwan, come over here quickly."

Old Matriarch Lin who was carrying a cane was secretly annoyed at this granddaughter for being so embarrassing. However, there was a kind look on her face.

Being an old fellow who only recognized money and not people, it didnt take long for her to forget about the matter regarding her son.

She waved and called Lin Wanwan over to her side. She lowered her voice and lectured unhappily, "Youre a missy of the Lin family, after all. Can you not dress so shabbily?"

Lin Wanwan mocked, "If Id known this was a scam, I would never have come."

"Second Sister."

Lin Wanxin had long hair, and her long skirt was beautiful. Whether it was her temperament or her accessories, they were perfect. She immediately attracted the attention of a few young men.

She held back her words, then looked at Old Matriarch Lin. "Second Sister, sorry. I didnt know Grandma would make such an arrangement"

"This is for your own good."

Old Matriarch Lin snorted coldly and looked at Lin Wanwan. She revealed a dissatisfied expression on her old orange-skin-like face.

"Wanwan, is the man who came to the Lin family with you the other time your boyfriend?"


"Which family does that young master belong to?"