Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 921

Chapter 921 A Foreman Who Didnt Deliver Food Wasnt A Good Ceo

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Lin Wanwan knew what Old Matriarch Lin was concerned about. However, she didnt want to go in accordance with her wishes and deliberately displayed a shocked expression.

"Grandma, are you mistaken? My boyfriend isnt a rich young man. Hes just an ordinary foreman. Hes moving bricks at the construction site every day."

Foreman? Moving bricks?

Lin Wanxins eyes became subtle for a moment. However, Old Matriarch Lins face sank immediately.

She thought of Lu Zhanbeis unparalleled handsome face and the image of him in a suit and leather shoes. She said with doubt, "You wouldnt be lying to me, right? A foreman can afford a Versace limited-edition suit?"

Lin Wanwan flipped her hair shyly. "His monthly salary is just ten thousand yuan. He cant afford a million-dollar suit. I bought that for him. After all, I had worked so hard to pursue that man. Hes so good-looking as well. I just packaged him to be more outstanding so that I can have more face when I bring him out."

A foreman who didnt deliver food wasnt a good CEO. Mr. Lus career was really exciting.

"How atrocious!" Old Matriarch Lin couldnt listen to her words anymore and used her cane to knock on the floor angrily.

So it turned out he was a gigolo and a freeloader!

Seeing that this commotion had attracted a number of peoples attention, she lowered her voice and gave a warning.

"Lin Wanwan, Ill definitely not agree to you being together with a gigolo. There are so many unmarried young talents here today. You pick one and try to get along with him first. When the time comes, Ill arrange for the two of you to get married!"

Lin Wanwan laughed coldly in her heart. What did this old woman take her as? A good that was for sale?

"You disagreeing is your business. Whoever I date is my business. If you feel that this bunch of youths are talented, you can pick one and raise him up yourself. Anyway, youve done similar things when you were young."


Old Matriarch Lin was so furious, she wanted to use her cane to give Lin Wanwan a lesson. However, Lin Wanxin stopped her in time.

"Grandma, please take note of the occasion. Dont let outsiders see us as a joke. Second Sister, we are, after all, part of the Lin family. Grandma is your elder as well. You went a little overboard just now."

Lin Wanwan snorted. She was already being treated as a good for sale. Was she expecting her to be respectful to the person who wanted to sell her?

"Second Sister, since youre already here, go and greet all the guests before leaving. If not, that would be deemed as rude."


Lin Wanxin held Old Matriarch Lins hand and headed toward the crowd.

Lin Wanwan took her time and followed up.

Old Matriarch Lin gave a warm smile to a pot-bellied middle-aged man. "Director Guo, these are my two granddaughters. The elder one is Lin Wanwan. Shes currently an actress in the entertainment circle. Although Wanxin has become an adult just recently, she has already taken over the Lin Group. Oh right, both of them are unmarried."

When introducing Lin Wanxin, Old Matriarch Lins tone was proud. Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes in her heart.

It was so ridiculously funny that Old Matriarch Lin was trying her best to play up to people of influence.

Director Guo ignored Lin Wanwan. He looked at Lin Wanxin, and his eyes were full of appreciation.

"This young ladys not bad. She can manage a listed group very well at such a young age. Compared to you, my youngest boy pales too much in comparison. Hes currently learning to manage the company from me. I think the two of you can interact well."

Lin Wanwan saw Old Matriarch Lins eyes light up, and a sentence appeared inexplicably in her mind.

Ding. It was a successful sale!

Next, Old Matriarch Lin greeted the other business tycoons in the same manner.

No one asked about Lin Wanwan. However, Lin Wanxin was praised by everyone. There were even some families who made it clear that they would like their son to marry the Third Miss of the Lin family.