Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 922

Chapter 922 Hit Them

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Lin Wanxin looked calm even in the face of disasters, and those sly business tycoons viewed her in a more favorable light.

Furthermore, marrying her equated to marrying the entire Lin family.

The person Old Matriarch Lin reserved for the very end was the biggest shot of todays banquet. Not only was the other party like a fish in the water in the commercial world, but he also had some connections with the military.

"Old Matriarch Lin, you can just come over with the Third Miss of the Lin family."

Just when Old Matriarch Lin was walking over to the other party, a young man with a glass of wine in his hands had suddenly said something.

He whistled lightly and didnt hide the disdain he had for Lin Wanwan.

"An actress is not qualified to marry into us, the Yang family. Even if Old Matriarch Lin was trying to promote her, she shouldnt have put such an embarrassing defect on the table. Is she trying to ridicule us?"


It was not known who started laughing, but this caused everyone to burst out in laughter.

"Yang Mingans really direct, but he isnt wrong. This Second Miss of the Lin family is mingling in the messy entertainment circle. Who knows how many people have sneaked in on her before? Whoever marries her would probably be made a cuckold again and again. Furthermore, her identity as an illegitimate daughter is destined not to be presentable."

"If Lin Wanxin is a bright moon in the sky, then shes a pile of mud on the ground. Theres simply too huge of a difference."

"Director Gaos lucky. Old Matriarch Lin had already agreed to Third Miss and Master Gao cultivating feelings. Whats left is just a defective product thats not worthy of our attention. Why dont we take our leave?"


Waves of malicious ridicule sounded endlessly. Old Matriarch Lin glared at Lin Wanwan fiercely.

"What an embarrassment!"

Lin Wanwan squinted her eyes dangerously. She didnt mind being belittled by others, but she couldnt tolerate humiliation.

To deal with these self-righteous fools who loved to engage in verbal abuse, the best method was to use violence directly.

"Second Master of the Xing family arrives!"

At that moment, a loud voice had drowned out all the discussions.

"Who is this Second Master of the Xing family?"

Most of the people didnt know why, but Yang Mingans father clenched his fist agitatedly.

"Two days ago, Ive heard that the Second Master of the Xing family had graduated and returned home. It seems like its true!"

The Xing family of the Imperial Capital was definitely a top-notch magnate!

The Xing family was a family of soldiers. However, it was equally powerful in the commercial world.

Old Master Xing was the second commander in the military. The eldest grandson, Xing Si, was already a colonel before the age of 30 and was a leader in Sirius.

The second grandson, Xing Junhuan, had been studying abroad. Half a month ago, as their father had passed away due to an illness, he was given the right to be a successor to their commercial business.

In the Imperial Capital where the rich and powerful roamed freely, the Xing family could definitely enter the top five!

Such a god-like person had arrived. Everyone was like the officials in feudal times who welcomed the emperor. They looked fearfully at the entrance.

Following a series of rhythmic footsteps and surrounded by a group of bodyguards, Xing Junhuan slowly appeared.

Under the light, his face couldnt be seen clearly, but he had a strong temperament.

Lin Wanwan pouted in her heart. It was another expert in the world of pretense.

Once Xing Junhuan moved, that group of bodyguards behind him also moved. The battle formation looked a little too strong.

The people who were still holding their heads high in the previous second lowered their heads now. In a room full of silence, seeing that he had once met Xing Junhuan before, Yang Mingans father smiled and said, "Havent seen nephew Xing in a long time. Nephew Xing is looking more and more formidable"

Xing Junhuan raised his hand leisurely, and his slender finger drew a powerful arc in the air.

"Hit them!"