Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 923

Chapter 923 At The Scene Of Courtship

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More than 30 bodyguards stepped out from behind Xing Junhuan and went in front of everyone in a disciplined manner.

They lifted their hands expressionlessly.


More than ten slaps fell at the same time, producing a crisp sound.

The people who were hit were shocked. The entire room fell into dead silence.

Yang Mingan, a newborn calf that was not afraid of tigers, was the first person to jump out. "Xing Junhuan, on what basis did you hit me? If you dont give me an explanation today, we, the Yang family, will definitely not let this matter rest!"

Xing Junhuans beautiful thin lips curved into an evil arc. "You want an explanation, right? Ill give it to you."

"Bring out my mobile."

The bodyguard immediately placed his mobile on his palm.

Xing Junhuan dialed a number. "Cut off all the Yang familys supply channels to the military."

He ended the call and looked at the father-and-son pair from the Yang family, whose faces had changed drastically.

"Is this explanation powerful enough?"


In terms of influential power in the commercial world, the Yang family didnt stand higher compared to the rest. However, the canned food they produced was exclusively for the military. Now that this relationship was gone, the Yang familys status had fallen.

Everyone looked at the father-and-son pair from the Yang family sympathetically. The amount of awe they had for Xing Junhuan increased yet another notch.

As the host, Old Matriarch Lin had no choice but to stand out.

"Second Master Xing, its really our pleasure to have you as a visitor to the Lin family. Please take a seat. Ill entertain you personally later."

"No need."

Xing Junhuan swept his sharp gaze over the audience and found his target. "Im here today to seek love from the girl Ive had a crush on for years!"


Everyone was shocked by this heavyweight piece of news.

"Lets start!"

Following Xing Junhuans orders, the bodyguards walked out in an orderly manner.

Not too long later, they returned with various items in their hands.

Colorful balloons, a long red carpet, a flower stand full of roses

As everyone else watched, tongue-tied, this group of people quickly set up the banquet hall into a wedding scene.

In the meantime, the whisperings continued.

"This Second Master Xings really wild. This is the Lin familys territory!"

"Youre focusing on the wrong point. Im more curious now who his love target is."

"Are you a fool? Since he came to the Lin family to seek love, it must be from the Third Miss of the Lin family!"

"That makes sense!"

Old Matriarch Lin thought so as well. She didnt feel that Lin Wanwan, whom everyone despised, would know such a big shot. She was both proud and put in a difficult spot as she pulled Lin Wanxins hand.

"Wanxin, what should we do now? Ive already agreed to you dating the young son of the Guo family. However, this master Xing comes from a strong background. We cant afford to offend him!"

Lin Wanxin wasnt a self-righteous woman.

She didnt know Xing Junhuan. The person he was seeking love from couldnt be her.

Could it be

Lin Wanxin glanced at Lin Wanwan. Seeing that she was like an outsider who was appreciating the show, she couldnt help but frown.

Obviously, Lin Wanwan didnt recognize him either.

"Second Master, here."

A bodyguard shoved a bunch of red roses into Xing Junhuans arms.

Xing Junhuan messed up his fringe over his forehead and walked straight to where the three members of the Lin family were.

Old Matriarch Lin pretended to be in a difficult spot and stepped forward. "Second Master Xing, Ive already agreed for Wanxin to date the young master of the Guo family"

Lin family couldnt afford to offend both the Xing family and the Guo family.

Director Guo immediately stepped forward with a bright smile on his face. "Gentlemen always go for quiet and modest maidens. Everyone can see for themselves how outstanding Third Miss is. I feel that Second Master Xing and Third Miss is a good-looking couple and are very compatible. I sincerely wish the two of you to have a positive result."