Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 926

Chapter 926 Childhood Sweethearts?

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He obviously could have mentioned who his love target was earlier on. However, he seemed to have silently agreed to everyones words, which led to Lin Wanxins misunderstanding.

Xing Junhuan didnt deny it. Instead, he asked her in a serious tone, "Do you feel happy?"

Happy his head. She didnt know if Lin Wanxin would develop hatred for her over this incident.

Lin Wanwan didnt continue this conversation. "Whats your relationship with Xing Si?"

When everyone was talking about Xing Junhuans background previously, she wasnt listening carefully.

When he heard Xing Sis name, Xing Junhuans expression became glum. "You know my older brother whose mind is full of muscles?"

So it turned out they were brothers.

"You still havent told me when we met each other."

"When you were eight years old."

She was stunned. Lin Wanwan was still a fool at that time.

"Second Master Xing, dont tell me that you were so mature back then to have liked an eight-year-old kid."

Xing Junhuan tilted his head and looked at her.

For the past two years, Lin Wanwans looks had changed slightly, but she was still as beautiful as a peach blossom, and her eyes were still bright and clear.

"It started with beauty and ended with character."

Out of nowhere, hed said this sentence. Lin Wanwan was shocked. Then, she heard him continue.

"When I was young, I lived with my grandmother for a period of time. I was staying next to your house. I was a famous rowdy kid back then. I climbed to the Lin familys courtyard and saw Lin Siqing whipping you.

"You were bruised all over. I was gloating and laughing, and accidentally fell off from the wall. I scratched the skin on my arm"

After that, Lin Wanwan looked at him and found a medicine box. She helped him apply medicine with her whip-scarred hand and even blew on his wound with a silly smile on her face, saying that it wouldnt hurt anymore after blowing on it.

She obviously wasnt treated with kindness by the world. However, she was willing to treat the world kindly.

After that, he brought a bag of tidbits to thank her. That day, as Old Master Lin was coming over, Tao Xinyue had dressed her up prettily.

He discovered for the first time that this little fool was like a little fairy in the sky. She was more good-looking than any girl he had ever met.

At that point in time, he really wanted a younger sister like her.

Then, they became playmates.

The good times didnt last long. Tao Xinyue ordered Lin Wanwan around like a maid. She would have endless chores to do every day, and Xing Junhuan was fetched back.

They lost contact for a long time. When they met again, it was at Lin Siqings sixteenth birthday party.

Lin Siqing and the rest had pushed her maliciously into the pool and she nearly drowned.

He wanted to save her, but his father had stopped him.

After he returned home, he told his father that he liked Lin Wanwan and wanted to get engaged with her, then marry her.

His fathers response was to send him out of the country.

He would never forget how defeated he felt at that point in time.

After a long time, things had become different.

After listening to how they had met, Lin Wanwan recalled the original owners dusty memories.

The original owner didnt forget Xing Junhuan. It was just that she didnt know his name.

Xing Junhuan swept away the gloom in his eyes. He looked at her with a hidden gentleness. He said exaggeratedly, "My father has already passed away. The stumbling block on our love road no longer exists. Romeo and Juliet can finally be together. So Lin Wanwan, marry me."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

This man wouldnt rest until his words had shocked her.

"I already have a boyfriend, and you should know who he is."

Xing Junhuans face was full of disdain. "We are childhood sweethearts. Can Lu Zhanbei be compared to me?"