Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 927

Chapter 927 Lu Zhanbei You Cheated

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At this moment, Lin Wanwans mobile rang.

"Ill pick up a call."

She looked at the caller ID and couldnt help but cluck her tongue.

Speak of the devil.

"Mr. Lu, whats the matter?"

"Stop the car."

Lin Wanwan was shocked. Before she could react, Xing Junhuan stepped on the gas pedal. His handsome eyebrows formed an arrogant arc and he said playfully, "Since Mr. Lu wants to play a cat-and-mouse game, Ill play with him."

Lin Wanwan looked behind. A white sports car was speeding, looking like a detached arrow.

"Second Master Xing, stop the car quickly"!

"Dont panic."

Xing Junhuan increased his speed and practically stepped on the gas pedal until its maximum. A gust of wind blew in so strongly from the half-opened car window that Lin Wanwans hair started to dance.

The sports car followed tightly. The roads on both sides became more secluded.

Xing Junhuan curved his lips and smiled dangerously. "Wanwan, if I win against Lu Zhanbei in this car race, youre mine."

Lin Wanwan couldnt be bothered with him.

Five minutes later


The distance between the two cars gradually shortened. Xing Junhuan held the steering wheel tightly. Even if he brought the speed to its maximum limit, he couldnt escape the ending of being caught up to by Lu Zhanbei.

"If I had known, I wouldnt have driven this broken car out."

His car had excellent bullet and shock resistance functions. However, speed was not its advantage.

As a racing enthusiast, Lin Wanwan was subdued by the excitement of speed in just a few minutes.

"Ill do it!"

"Are you capable?"

"Cut the crap. Quick!"

Both of them changed positions quickly. Lin Wanwan first slowed down the car. When Lu Zhanbei leaned in and slowed down as well, she stepped on the gas pedal immediately.

With a whiz, the two cars were now more than ten meters apart.

Lin Wanwan wasnt as upright as Xing Junhuan. He knew that the car didnt have an advantage in terms of speed but still continued to race with Lu Zhanbei fairly.

She specially selected some difficult road sections that required large turns, sharp brakes, and drifting. In this way, although Lu Zhanbei might still be able to follow along, he wouldnt be able to catch up to them immediately.

Xing Junhuan became happy. "Wanwan, compared to Lu Zhanbei, indeed, you fancy me more."

"" Pooh. Her hands were just itchy.

As the car passed a roundabout, the sports car behind them disappeared.

"Got rid of him?"

Xing Junhuan glanced at the rearview mirror. However, as his words fell, that white sports car that had disappeared suddenly sprang out from the right lane.

As the lane was less than two meters wide, the car body was completely tilted. Only the front and rear wheels passed through and blocked Lin Wanwans path.

These beautiful skills were amazing.

Lin Wanwan could only step on the brakes and watch as the slender man stepped down from the car.

Xing Junhuan snorted coldly. "Lu Zhanbei, you cheated!"

"All is fair in war," Lu Zhanbei replied calmly, and his cold gaze landed on Lin Wanwans face. "Youre still not getting off the car?"

Lin Wanwan obediently pushed open the car door and stood in front of Lu Zhanbei.

The man immediately tightened his grip on her waist and said sinisterly, "Youre getting more out of hand. Helping Xing Junhuan to deal with me?"

Xing Junhuan said as a matter of fact, "Because she loves me."

This a*shole was trying to kill her!

Lin Wanwan revealed a cute and shy smile to Lu Zhanbei. "Dont listen to him spouting nonsense. You know my hobby as well. Its because your racing skills are so superb that my heart felt itchy and I couldnt resist competing with you. I didnt expect to lose so badly youre really formidable!"

"Not bad at sucking up."

"So, have you forgiven me?"

"That depends on your performance tonight."