Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 928

Chapter 928 Feeling Lonely?

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Xing Junhuan got off the car and gave Lu Zhanbei a provocative smile. "Lu Zhanbei, what great timing. Do you dare to accept my challenge?"

"I might be interested if it were your bother."

In other words, he wasnt good enough to challenge Lu Zhanbei.

As Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan boarded the car, Xing Junhuan joined them shamelessly.

"Im not talking about combat. Everything should come in order, dont you think? I had promised my life to her when she was eight. Now that you have stolen my wife from me while I was gone, dont you see the problem?"

Lu Zhanbei glanced at Lin Wanwan. "Is that true?"

Lin Wanwan put three fingers up in the air. "I hereby promise my life to you and you only."

Lu Zhanbei turned to Xing Junhuan. "Heard that? Get off now."

Xing Junhuan had his arms folded. "Lu Zhanbei, lets at least compete for her."

"In that case, lets compete on whos wealthier."

"" Xing Junhuan felt suffocated. "Do you have no shame? How can you pull out the trump card from the start? Do you dare to compete on something else?"

Lu Zhanbei was calm. "What do you want to compete for?"

Xing Junhuan was lost in thought.

There was no way that he could be richer than Lu Zhanbei.

Comparing power and influence, he lacked just a little.

Talking about looks

Although Xing Junhuan was confident that he was the best-looking in the world, Lin Wanwan must think otherwise.

How about I take a different approach?

"Are you sure that you dare to accept whatever challenge I throw at you?"

"What is it?" Lu Zhanbei wouldnt fall for his aggravation.

"Lets see who is more evil." Xing Junhuan smirked. "Girls dont fancy nice men. Lu Zhanbei, youve been the model kid since you were born, so theres no way you are evil. On the other hand, I have done everything bad other than keeping my body pure and untouched for Lin Wanwan."

Lu Zhanbei was surprised that Xing Junhuan came up with such a cheap move.

His brother had carried on the strict style of life of his family, but Xing Junhuan was quite something else.


He didnt mind showing Xing Junhuan what true evil was.

However, Lin Wanwan didnt give him a chance.

"Mr. Xing, there is a way that you can be my boyfriend. Back in the day, Lu Zhanbei had to defeat my B-plan to become my official boyfriend. Now that you want to join the party, it wouldnt be fair if you skip to the boss stage."

"Are you talking about Tang Chen?"

"Thats right."

As she spoke, Lin Wanwan had started a video call with Tang Chen.

Tang Chen was lazing in bed with a loose bathrobe on; it looked like he was about to sleep.

"My darling, Im surprised that you would give me a call. Are you feeling lonely at this hour?"

Lin Wanwan ignored his flirting and flashed the phone to Xing Junhuan.

"See that? Thats Mr. Tang, the man who had committed every crime ever possible, the top of the league in the underworld. Theres never anything good brewing in his head. Do you think you can beat him?"

Tang Chen: ""

Xing Junhuan: ""

Lu Zhanbeis lipped curved, and a hint of laughter was heard.

"Lin Wanwan, I know that you want Lu Zhanbei to win, but did you have to frame Tang Chen like that?"

"Dont you believe me?"

Lin Wanwans eyes turned to the screen. "Tang Chen, tell him all about it."

When Xing Junhuan wasnt looking, she quickly mouthed to Tang Chen.

"Help! I owe you one!"

Tang Chen scratched his head. How foolish was he to have fallen for this damn woman?!