Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 929

Chapter 929 Her Growing Care For Him

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"Lin Wanwan was right, I only do wicked things, and I am the number one devil in the world."

Xing Junhuan studied his ever-smiling face before replying, "Tang Chen, I respect you."

Lin Wanwan ended the call and asked, "You lost?"

"You are right."

Xing Junhuan had an understanding of Lin Wanwans favoritism toward Lu Zhanbei.

He glanced at Lu Zhanbei, whose lightly bent lips betrayed his true feeling.

"Lu Zhanbei, lets just compete with something that is the most crucial of all."


"True love."

Back at the Yun Mansion, Lin Wanwan stuffed the blow dryer into Lu Zhanbeis hand after washing up.

"Blowdry my hair."

"Isnt there an automatic dryer?"

"Why? Dont want to serve me any longer? In that case, I would skip serving you as well. It hurts my wrist every time."

When his welfare was on the line, Lu Zhanbei had no choice but to do what Queen Lin wanted.

Afterward, the pair was ready for bed.

Lin Wanwan asked while playing around with Lu Zhanbeis ear, "Hey, dont tell me youre jealous?"

"Its nighttime, so stop daydreaming."

"Do you think your love for me would lose to Xing Junhuan?"


Lin Wanwan blew up. "Are you telling me that you love me less than he does?"

"When did I say that I love you?"

"Back when you were after me."

"You are taking my jokes too seriously."

"Lu Zhanbei, you are testing my limit right now!"


"" Lin Wanwan turned her back on him.

When her breathing entered a steady pace, Lu Zhanbei carefully took her into his arms and gave a light peck on her hair.

"Do you know how happy I am?"

It was the joy brought on by the girl caring for him.

The next few days were spent at the filming set. Since she was rarely present during the past few weeks, she had to pull some all-nighters to catch up with the schedule.

For the first time, Lu Zhanbei wasnt against her spending the night out. While Lin Wanwan was relieved, it felt like something was fishy.

The shoot today was at the bar, and the story was about Zheng Linger taking revenge on Bai Jiu after being humiliated.

Her first move was to seduce Bai Jius boyfriend.

Shi Chen sat by the bar, looking all high and mighty.

The act of seduction was a piece of cake for Fu Ya.

Her outfit was especially inviting, and her smoky eyes added a layer of mysterious secrecy.

"May I buy you a drink?"

Following the plot, the male lead should accept the drink not to embarrass her.

However, when Shi Chen was taking the glass, his hand brushed against hers in what seemed like an accident.

Fu Yas eyes looked like theyd found the prey. She leaned forward, and a piece of paper lay between the whites.

"If you want my contact, feel free."

"Not interested." Shi Chen put the glass down and got up to leave.

Fu Ya took off her mini jacket and joined the dance floor.

The tight black skirt accentuated her marvelous figure. Her slender legs were drawing the men in.

Due to the setting of the character, her dancing was horrible.

Just then, she felt a calloused hand stroking her leg.

Fu Ya turned back immediately, only to see a faint silhouette.

"Cut!" The director was satisfied. "Not too bad, well prepare for the next scene!"