Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Lu Zhanbei Where Exactly Are You Bringing Me To?

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“You can forget it if you’re ugly. However, such a good-looking man is asking me to sleep with him. No matter what, I won’t be on the losing end.”

Lu Zhanbei looked at her sly look and knocked on the partition in the car.

“Start driving.”

“Where to?”

“Didn’t you say you will sleep with me?”

“” Oh, he was for real?

He took a glimpse at Lin Wanwan’s changing face. A smile flashed past Lu Zhanbei’s eyes and he closed his eyes.

Lin Wanwan did not believe that he would have such intentions towards her. After she loosened her body, she leaned back and also closed her eyes to rest.

Not far away, Tang Chen, who was seated in his sports car, looked at the car that had left and whistled meaningfully.

“Young Master?” Tang Qiang scratched his head in confusion. “Didn’t we come here to help Ms. Lin with her grievances? Now that Lu Zhanbei had stepped in first, why are you so happy?”

“Why not?” Tang Chen asked. Out of habit, he turned the tail ring on his pinky. He started to mumble without anyone noticing.

“Like this, it’ll be fun.”

The car got on the highway and headed for the eastern suburbs.

Lin Wanwan looked at the desolate scenery. “Lu Zhanbei, where exactly are you bringing me to?”

“You do not have monetary value, so don’t worry that I’ll sell you,” the man with his eyes closed replied lazily.

“” Lin Wanwan decided to shut up and not look for ill treatment.

The car stopped at a winery. Lu Zhanbei pushed open the door and got off. “Let’s go.”

Lin Wanwan lifted her head and looked at the winery entrance. Her smile sank a little. “Roman Winery”

Lu Zhanbei asked, “You know this place?”


Lin Wanwan closed her eyes. When she opened them again, the absent-mindedness in her eyes had disappeared.

“I heard that the red wine here is not bad.”

How could she not know? She had opened this winery and spent much time and effort on it.

“Follow me in.” Lu Zhanbei started to walk with his long legs and Lin Wanwan hurriedly kept up.

There was a residential area behind the factory. A single Western style apartment there was one of Lin Wanwan’s former residences.

Stopping in front of the main gate, Lu Zhanbei lifted his leg and gave it a kick.


The white European style gate was kicked open and a heavy squeak could be heard.

Lin Wanwan’s heart jumped a little. “Oh, don’t kick the gate! If it spoils, I’ll be very upset!”

“It’s not your house’s gate. What are you so upset for?” Lu Zhanbei found this funny.

Lin Wanwan mumbled in a voice only she could hear, “Hah, but thisismy house’s gate”

The living room still retained the decorations in Lin Wanwan’s memory. They were exquisite and elegant, with luxurious details.

Lin Wanwan nostalgically touched the sofa which she had personally purchased from France. When she glimpsed that Lu Zhanbei had already gone upstairs, she hurriedly kept up.

“Lu Zhanbei, why did you bring me here? This is, after all, a private residence. It’s not very good that you barged in so arrogantly.”

The most important thing was, how did he know about here? He seemed to be very familiar with the environment here too.

Lu Zhanbei did not answer her question, but asked instead, “What is your aim for entering the entertainment circle?”

“I want to be rich and famous.”

“Then I brought you here to be rich and famous.”


Lu Zhanbei arrived at the bedroom on the second floor. As before, he violently kicked open the door.

Lin Wanwan mourned in her heart but did not dare to voice it out.

“Oh, so it’s Mr. Lu who has graced us with his presence.”

A hoarse and lazy man’s voice could be heard from the bedroom.

Lin Wanwan’s body trembled. She uncontrollably stepped forward and saw a young man in a white bathrobe seated on the sofa