Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 930

Chapter 930 Sleep With Me For A Night And We Can Talk About Anything

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It could be said that Shi Chen was performing in his own skin. Be it in or out of the film, he was always cold and distant. Some of the women in the production team called him "the god of abstinence."

Furthermore, he had obsessive-compulsive disorder. He would arrive punctually at 9 am and leave at 6 pm every day. Not a minute more, not a minute less. Even the director didnt know what to do with him.

"Fu Ya, where are you going?"

Fu Ya, who was walking outside, turned back and smiled. "To collect a debt."

She passed by a corridor and stopped in front of a lounge. She knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Fu Ya pushed open the door and saw Shi Chen, who was leaning against the sofa, reading a book.

"What are you doing here?"

Fu Ya looked at his cold and stern expression from atop and smiled. "Are they nice to touch?"

Shi Chen finally looked up and at her. "I dont understand what you mean."

Hah. He was still pretending.

Fu Ya lifted her right leg. She placed this foot on high heels on Shi Chens leg, as if not knowing he had a mysterious background.

Her long legs were wrapped in mesh stockings and looked extremely seductive.

"Do you want to touch them again?"

Shi Chen put down the book in his hands. When his outstretched hand was three centimeters away from Fu Yas leg, she quickly retracted it.

"Youre admitting to it now?"

Shi Chen looked at her mocking eyes and said plainly, "Tell me. What do you want?"

When Fu Ya heard this, her eyes turned cold.

It looked like he was the same as Si Han. Both of them treated her as a prostitute who relied on her body to climb up the ranks.

Forget about Si Han. After all, she did have some use for him.

Shi Chen. What was he?

Fu Ya grabbed Shi Chens tie, and her seductive face revealed sinisterness.

"Listen carefully. Its not what I want. Its what you owe me. Im not interested in you. However, I cant ignore the fact that you took advantage of me earlier!"

"Sleep with me for a night and we can talk about anything."

"Ill say this for the last time. Im not interested in you." Fu Ya loosened her hold on Shi Chens tie, then turned around and walked away.

"Not me, but Si Hans fine?"

Fu Ya stopped in her tracks and turned her head back fiercely. She looked into his deep and unpredictable eyes.

This man had checked on her.

"Thats right. Si Hans fine."

Shi Chen was still expressionless. "I dont quite believe that, so I want to challenge this."

Fu Ya pointed a middle finger at him. He couldnt shift his gaze away from this arrogance more than with her charming appearance.

"When I have a need, Ill collect this debt from you."

Shi Chen watched her leave, and his tightly rubbed lips curved up slightly.

He would never miss out on things and people that interested him.

If he could successfully tame such a wild horse, wouldnt he feel a great sense of accomplishment?

Fu Ya returned. She sat in the chair next to Lin Wanwan.

"In a bad mood?" Lin Wanwan could sense the suppressed irritation around her.

"Feeling annoyed with a cheap slut."

"A man?"


"Isnt a vixen the best at dealing with slutty men?"

"Perhaps Im not skillful enough yet."


In the days spent in the production studio, nothing happened between Lin Wanwan and Fu Ya.

Although Fu Ya always looked like a vixen, she didnt do anything that was beyond the boundaries.

She filmed quietly every day and studied the script. One could see her efforts from her improving acting skills.

At this moment, Fu Ya was pleading with Lin Wanwan to go through her lines with her.

As she was speaking halfway, the door was pushed open. "Sister Ball, Im here"

Ruan Baoers cheerful voice stopped abruptly when she saw the two of them talking.

Lin Wanwans right eye jumped at her somber look. "Baoer, Im just going through her lines with her."

Ruan Baoer looked at Fu Ya. Fu Ya smiled and raised her eyebrow.