Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 931

Chapter 931 Having A Heartache Just Like That? It Was Far From Enough

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She seemed to be boasting. She also seemed to be challenging her.

Ruan Baoer wasnt a fool.

Fu Ya was an inexperienced newbie. On what basis could she be the second female lead in a big production when she had just debuted?

Furthermore, Si Han was one of the investors in this movie.

She was unwilling to think further on certain matters.

"Sorry to have disturbed you."

Lin Wanwan immediately chased after her.

Fu Ya squinted her eyes and smiled. It was both cold and beautiful.

Having a heartache just like that? It was far from enough.

Lin Wanwan chased after Ruan Baoer up to the entrance of the bar. "Baoer, listen to me!"

As she said this, she felt a little strange. This seemed like something a boy would often say to coax his jealous girlfriend.

Ruan Baoer lowered her head and blew her nose. She looked pitiful, like an abandoned pet.

"Sister Ball, I dont blame you. I just I dont know how to say it, but I have a feeling that that woman named Fu Ya will snatch away my everything."

Lin Wanwan was shocked and immediately laughed. "Ive observed them. She and Si Dada still share a very pure relationship for now."

Ruan Baoer said in a low tone, "She has already snatched away my friendship."

Lin Wanwan touched her head. "No. In my heart, Baoer is unique and is an irreplaceable friend."

Lin Wanwan returned after comforting Ruan Baoer.

Fu Ya, who was drinking alcohol, looked at her. "Finished coaxing?"

Lin Wanwan responded as she sat next to her.

Fu Ya asked, "Dont you have anything to say to me?"

"Be careful."

"Is this a warning or a reminder?"


Lin Wanwan felt that Fu Ya didnt get close to Si Han only to climb up the ranks. However, she had no intention to interfere in this.

Si Han wasnt an ordinary manager. Ruan Baoer had her entire Ruan family as a backing.

If Fu Ya really meant them harm, the person in danger would only be herself.

Fu Ya looked at her for a while. Then, she suddenly laughed. "Has anyone ever told you that youre boring? You just want to persuade me to retreat from difficulties and not take the risk to get into trouble. Can you not express this in such an awkward manner?"

"" Was it too late to take back those words now?

The comments Lin Wanwan and Fu Ya received from the production team were of two extremes. The former was very popular while the latter was a public enemy.

Many people expressed dissatisfaction about the peace between the two of them. Chu Mingmo was one of them.

Lin Wanwan had just come out from the bathroom when Chu Mingmo stopped her.

"Is anything the matter?"

Chu Mingmo looked at her sincerely. "Wanwan, I have hidden some words in my heart for a very long time. Even if you blame me, I must say them today!"

"Tell me."

"Believe me, Fu Ya is a slut. I saw with my own eyes the assistant director and her throwing ambiguous looks at each other back then. They might even have hooked up a long time ago. Shes nice to you only because she wants to use you to climb up the ranks. Dont fall for her tricks!"

Chu Mingmo looked as if she was really thinking for her and Lin Wanwan smiled.

"Youre telling me these now also to use me to climb up the ranks, right?"

"Of course not!"

Chu Mingmo raised her voice and forced out a smile.

"Wanwan, shes a woman who opens her legs once she sees men. Arent you worried she will seduce your boyfriend if you get together with her?"

Lin Wanwan squinted her eyes slightly. "You mean Im not as good-looking as Fu Ya and my boyfriend will choose her and give me up?"

Chu Mingmo was anxious. Was Lin Wanwans brain alright? She didnt mean this at all!