Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 932

Chapter 932 Stumbling In Public

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Lin Wanwan interrupted her. "You dont have to say anything else. Regardless of how bad Fu Ya is, shes better than you. At the very least, she has never badmouthed anyone to me. Instead of being a gossiper behind peoples back, why dont you work hard to try and improve your acting skills so that you can defeat Fu Ya based on your own abilities? That way, Ill even respect you as a man!"

After saying this, she waved and walked away.

Chu Mingmo glared at her back with hatred.

Since Lin Wanwan asked for it, then dont blame her for dealing with her as well!

Five days later, the director announced a piece of news.

As the movie was about to finish filming, the producer had invited journalists from all the major media outlets. They would interview several main actors and actresses live. This was also regarded as a means of publicity.

At 3 pm in the afternoon, a mighty group of reporters arrived.

As Shi Chen had no filming scenes today, he didnt come over.

The interview started. As the female lead and the most popular actress in this movie, Lin Wanwan was bombarded with questions by the reporters.

Thankfully, the director had already communicated with this group of people that they were not to ask any questions aside from those related to the movie.

Suddenly, someone pointed the arrow to Fu Ya.

"Fu Ya, everyone knows that youre a newbie. You could get the role of the second female lead as soon as you debuted. Is there any sorcery in this?"

The director looked at him and secretly frowned.

What was wrong with this reporter? Didnt they agree not to ask about gossip?

Fu Ya was still wearing a long black dress with a slit from the thigh from the movie. Her sexy red lips curved up slightly.

"Of course."

Upon hearing this, the director nearly stood up and slammed the table.

Did she become a fool after filming? Or was she deliberately trying to destroy the whole production team?!

"That is"

As the reporters watched excitedly, Fu Ya deliberately dragged the long note to keep them guessing.

"That is, because Im simply too beautiful, and I was acting as a vixen out of my own skin. The director appreciated me a lot and was touched. Thus, he decided to give me the role of the second female lead."

".." The director was on the verge of breaking down. How was he touched?

All of the reporters were speechless. They had already asked so explicitly, but she gave such an answer?

The reporter who asked this question looked a little embarrassed. He quickly changed the topic.

"Heh heh, Ms. Fu Ya really knows how to crack a joke. I want to ask Ms. Fu Ya again. I heard that you have a lot of acting scenes with Lin Wanwan in the movie. Can you keep up to her rhythm?"

The third female lead, Chu Mingmo, who had been neglected all the way, suddenly said, "Although Fu Yas a newbie, she has great acting skills. If you dont believe it, we can do a live performance. No issues with that, right, Director?"

Upon hearing her words, the director became furious but could only nod.

If he said no, wouldnt he be admitting that Fu Ya was a bimbo with no acting skills?

Fu Yas acting skills really couldnt make it at the beginning. However, her progress gradually showed her efforts.

However, compared to Lin Wanwan, it was definitely not enough.

He hoped she could act better a little. If not, he didnt know how much criticism he would face as a director.

"Coincidentally, theres a scene with all three of us in it. Everyone, please enjoy. However, dont reveal the spoiler."

The reporters nodded in anticipation.

Fu Ya looked coldly at Chu Mingmo and that reporter, who were trying to hit her in the face. She laughed coldly in her heart.

Filming officially started.

This scene was after Bai Jiu learned that Zheng Linger was trying to steal her man. In a fit of anger, she went to question her and brought along the student council president, who was played by Chu Mingmo.


Chu Mingmo had long wanted to give Fu Ya a lesson. As such, she had a strong aura.