Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 933

Chapter 933 Tried To Steal A Chicken Only To Lose The Rice Again

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"Zheng Linger, how could you degrade yourself like this? Not only did you seduce Bai Jius boyfriend, but you even recognized that wealthy old man as your godfather. You have simply thrown our schools face!"

Fu Ya played with the messy strands of hair by her ear and said, "I remember you come from a divorced family. Your fathers pretty rich, right?"

"What are you asking this for?"

Fu Ya stood up and touched her chin. "Wouldnt it be good if I become your stepmother?"

Chu Mingmo flew into a rage. She opened her mouth and wanted to scold her. However, when she met Fu Yas eyes, her mind went black and she immediately forgot her lines.

She had never seen a scary gaze before. She was obviously smiling, but her two vortexes seemed to want to suck her spirit away.


The director gave a hand signal to pause. He wasnt polite as he reprimanded her, "Chu Mingmo, you have been in the entertainment circle for three to four years now. Why are you not even as professional as a newbie?"

She was despised for being inferior to Fu Ya in front of a group of reporters. Chu Mingmos cheeks felt a burning pain. She was filled with resentment in her heart, but she had no choice but to squeeze out an apologetic look.

"Director, sorry. I wasnt in my best condition just now."


Everyone got into their positions and started again.

A minute later.



The sounds were endless. Each "cut" sounded more exasperated than the last.

Chu Mingmos acting was getting worse. Her face had become uglier as well.

She heard the reporters whispering about her, obviously in doubt. She couldnt wait to tear Fu Ya apart in her heart.

"Director, Im actually not feeling well today. Film Fu Ya and Wanwan first."

The director waved his hands. "Then quickly head out to rest!"

"Wanwan, Fu Ya, you may begin."

Lin Wanwan took a deep breath and immediately got into character.

"Linger, why did you do this?"

"I just suddenly felt that the things you have are extremely good. I want them too."

Lin Wanwan expressed the image of being betrayed by a good girlfriend well. Every move of Fu Ya was a classic example of a cheap and seductive slut.

Both of them continued to wage a tit-for-tat struggle, igniting sparks.

Seeing that Fu Yas acting skills didnt pale in comparison to Lin Wanwans, the reporters couldnt help but whisper:

"This newbies acting skills are not bad."

"Youre being too shallow. Lin Wanwan deliberately brought her into the character. Of course she performed well. There are plenty of such examples in the entertainment circle. Remember that Little Fresh Meat whose acting skills were like shit? He cooperated with a veteran last year, and every time they were in the same scene, he could always perform exceptionally well."

"Even if Lin Wanwan deliberately brought her into the character, it cant erase the fact that Fu Ya has acting skills to begin with, right? At the very least, shes stronger than Chu Mingmo."

"" Chu Mingmo was so angry, she gritted her teeth.

She initially wanted to use this opportunity to step on Fu Ya and steal the limelight. In the end, she tried to steal a chicken only to lose the rice again. Fu Ya even managed to be glib!

However, that was alright. A showdown of acting skills was just an appetizer. The main course was next!

Bai Jiu and Zheng Linger officially fell out.

Lin Wanwan picked up the water prop prepared on the table and splashed it at Fu Ya vigorously.

"Zheng Linger, from today onward, we are no longer friends!"

Fu Ya wiped her face. Although she was in a sorry state, her enchantment was not reduced.

Suddenly, she felt an unbearable itch on her face and she suppressed the urge to scratch. "Xiao Jiu, we said we were going to be good friends for a lifetime. Are you now going back on your words?"

Before she could finish her lines, she fainted.