Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 934

Chapter 934 Fu Ya Lin Wanwan Both Of You Are Finished

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"Fu Ya!" Sharp-eyed, Lin Wanwan caught her using agile movements. She realized that dense red rashes had appeared on her face.

"What happened?"

Everyone, including the reporters, hurriedly rushed over. They sucked in a cold breath of air after seeing Fu Yas face was full of rashes.

"What is this situation? Chickenpox?"

"How can there be chickenpox suddenly? After being splashed with water from this cup, Fu Yas face became like this. Is there something wrong with the water?"

"Would she be disfigured just like that? What a pity. Shes so pretty."

The camera sounds never stopped during the discussion.

Lin Wanwan carried Fu Ya on her back. She pushed away the crowd, got in the car, and drove to the hospital.

Chu Mingmo looked at her back view as she left, and a smug and cold smile flashed past her eyes.

Fu Ya, Lin Wanwan

Both of you are finished!

"Actually I have a bold guess."

Her sudden voice attracted everyones attention.

"Fu Yas good-looking, and her acting skills are not bad. Sooner or later, she will shoot to fame. Perhaps someone is afraid that Fu Ya will suppress her in the future and, thus, did something to that cup of water so that Fu Yas face will be ruined. Looks are very important for a female celebrity."

Her words had a hidden meaning.

"Could it be that the murderer was Lin Wanwan?"

Upon hearing the reporters words, the director immediately frowned. "Dont spout nonsense without evidence. Ive already called the police. The police will be here soon to investigate this matter!"

The reporters smelled gossip. They refused to leave the production studio, saying that they had the right to report the truth.

In the city hospital, Si Han, whod rushed over, met Lin Wanwan at the operating room door.

Lin Wanwan related the incident to him. After listening to her, Si Han knew the truth in his heart.

"Dont worry about the rest for now. Nothing can happen to Fu Ya."

If Fu Ya was really disfigured, even if suspicions about Lin Wanwan were washed off, she would still have a black mark against her. After all, she had splashed that cup of water at her.

Not too long later, the operating room door opened.

"Doctor, whats her situation now?"

"The patients face is contaminated with an infectious virus. The virus is extracted from chickenpox. However, it will spread at a faster rate and the symptoms will be more serious. Although it isnt fatal, once she scratches her skin, permanent scars will be left behind."

That was to say, if one didnt pay attention, Fu Ya would be disfigured.

Lin Wanwan felt a heaviness in her heart. "Has she woken up?"


"Ill go in to see her."

At this moment, a series of footsteps could be heard from the corridor suddenly.

"Look, Lin Wanwans there!"

A large group of reporters pounced over like locusts in transit. They rushed over and immediately surrounded Lin Wanwan closely.

When Lin Wanwan sent Fu Ya to the hospital previously, an alert reporter had already started to drive quietly behind her.

"Lin Wanwan, the results of the police investigation are out. It has been confirmed that there was a virus in the water. According to the prop master who prepared the water, although he didnt see you mix something in the water personally, he saw that you were the only one who got close to that cup of water. The murderer who wanted Fu Ya to be disfigured wouldnt be you, right?!"

"Lin Wanwan, did you do this because youre worried that Fu Ya will shoot to fame one day? Thus, you struck first to gain the upper hand and completely destroyed her road to stardom?"

"Lin Wanwan, please answer our questions!"

Amidst the bombardment of nonsensical questions, Lin Wanwan remained calm.

She replied with only a sentence.

"Creating rumors that Im a murderer based on one side of the story is called defamation."