Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 936

Chapter 936 Her Inked Heart

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Every time Si Dada mentioned Fu Ya, he was filled with hatred. Could it be that Fu Ya raped him?

SH*T! What is Baoer going to do if the two of them have already done unspeakable things?

An innocent bunny like her would never win against the fox. On top of that, Si Han was never interested in Baoer

Lin Wanwan lit three candles for Ruan Baoer in her heart.

While Lin Wanwan was staring at him with strange eyes, Si Han gave her a lazy smile.

"Dont worry about it; I have figured out a way. I will force the prop master to admit that you have directed this yourself to gain fame through Lin Wanwan."

Fu Ya wasnt bothered at all. "Go ahead and do it if you dare. I will make sure that everyone find out that Si Han is great in bed and acts all proper on the surface. Feel free to call for one night stands, and both genders are welcome."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

She was starting to realize how ruthless this woman was.

Si Hans face sank. "You seem to have forgotten that your life is still in my hand."

Lin Wanwan couldnt handle the atmosphere, so he shoved Si Han away. "Ill deal with it myself, so head home!"

While speaking, she pushed him out and shut the door.

Lin Wanwan just sat down when Fu Ya asked, "Have you found the solution?"

"Si Han was right, force the prop guy out."

Without the prop master, Chu Mingmo could not have done this.

Fu Yas eyes flickered. "Chu Mingmo will lose everything she has when shes exposed."

"Are you feeling bad for her?"

Fu Ya smiled. No, that was far from enough.

She could tell that Lin Wanwan had her ways but would rarely cross the line.

Fu Ya was different; her heart was inked.

After reminding Fu Ya not to scratch her face, Lin Wanwan made her exit.

Fu Ya grabbed her phone and looked for a number. After pondering for a moment, she finally tapped on it.

Although she hated to seek him out for help, there was no other way.

In the middle of the night, Chu Mingmo was all relaxed in a lonesome building. With a mask on her face, she stared at her phone screen.

Within a day, the news of Lin Wanwan sabotaging Fu Ya and destroying her skin had flooded the Internet.

Since Lin Wanwan was the only suspect, the discussion online had been pretty one-sided. Everyone aside from her hardcore fans hated on her.

"She deserves it!"

Chu Mingmo mumbled to herself before turning to the woman wiping the floor on her knees.

"Your idea was pretty good, killing two birds with one stone."

The maid raised her head. She was rather good-looking.

The person was, in fact Su Maner, who had vanished for a long time!

The proud Chu Mingmo made her clench her fist, and shame was all she felt in her heart.

When Su Maner was in her prime, Chu Mingmo didnt even deserve to wipe her shoes!

"Its my wish, too."

"Alright, Im going to rest. Have a break after cleaning up the living room."


Chu Mingmo felt a boost of ego, watching the former best actress under her feet.

When Su Maner was exposed for what she did, she came close to living on the streets. Chu Mingmo came across her and hired her as a maid for self-glorification.

Watching the other woman leave the room, Su Maner bit her lips down.

She was determined to get rid of Lin Wanwan using Chu Mingmo before leaving this place.

Chu Mingmo was humming as she pushed open her bedroom door.

Just then, a hand snapped onto her neck.