Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 937

Chapter 937 An Eye For An Eye

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"Hi, Ms. Chu. Good evening."

Chu Mingmo was making strange noises with her mouth, and shock was written all over her face.

Her house was located at a secretive place, and even the best paparazzi couldnt find it. How did this woman get here?

Fu Ya tied Chu Mingmo to a chair and stuffed a sock into her mouth.

"Ms. Chu, dont worry about it. I wont harm you in any way."

Before finishing what she came to do, she didnt want to draw any unnecessary attention.

She quickly stripped Chu Mingmo naked.

Chu Mingmo watched in fear as if she was asking for her intentions.

But soon enough, she knew just what Fu Ya wanted.

Fu Ya opened Chu Mingmos legs up and clicked on the shuttle.

"Just a few more."

She posed Chu Mingmo into different positions and took tens of photos before pulling out the sock in her mouth.

Before she could scream, Fu Ya smirked. "Scream all you want. Allowing everyone to take a look at your body is probably the only way you can contribute to society."

Chu Mingmo immediately shut her mouth and stared at Fu Ya. "Are you threatening me with those pictures?"

Fu Ya didnt deny it. "You are not too stupid, are you? My fuse is short, so Im only saying it once. Admit to the public that you drugged the water, or I will let the whole world appreciate your naked body."

She didnt need evidence to deal with such a problem.

Since Chu Mingmo wanted to play dirty, she would love to return the favor.

Chu Mingmo went pale.

Fu Ya left her no way to live.

If she did as Fu Ya asked, she would never be able to rise to stardom in this life.

If she opposed it, it would yield the same result.

Fu Ya was in no rush for an answer; she waited while playing with her mobile.

"Fine." After pondering for a while, Chu Mingmo nodded.

Fu Ya was surprised that it took shorter than she predicted.

"Happy to work with you. I will keep these photos for now and delete them after youve carried out your promise."

Before she finished her line, Fu Ya had leaped off the window.

Once she was gone, Chu Mingmo yelled, "Su Maner!"

Su Maner rushed to her and freed Chu Mingmo while asking about the situation.

After hearing Chu Mingmos explanation, Su Maner was in shock. "How could you say yes to her? Wont Lin Wanwan escape from taking the blame?"


Chu Mingmo gave her a tight slap. "If I dared reject her offer, there would be no place for me in the country! Su Maner, you better come up with something right now or get the hell out of my house!"

Su Maner held her cheek and tamped down on the furious rage in her heart.

"Mingmo, you did the right thing. However, are you going to let this slide?"

"Of course not, but what can I even do right now?"

"Dont forget about your connections."

Chu Mingmo frowned. "What do you mean?"

She did have connections, and that was the main reason she agreed to Fu Yas offer.

After all, if those pictures were shown to the world, her connection wouldnt want someone whose body had been seen by all.

Ambition shone in Su Maners eyes. "Since things have already gone out of hand, we should at least make Fu Ya and Lin Wanwan pay! You can call for a conference to reveal the truth and declare retirement tomorrow, then take revenge on them using your connection!"