Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 938

Chapter 938 A Woman Who Puts Her Body On The Table Is One To Fear

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Chu Mingmo nodded subconsciously. "You got an idea?"

Su Maner whispered in her ear and spoke for a long time. "The reason I am targeting Lin Wanwan first is that she is more suitable. Also, if Fu Ya has stored copies of the pictures, you would be under threat again."

Chu Mingmo thought highly of her idea. "However, Im not sure if hes willing to help. After all, he cares a lot about his reputation."

Su Maner glanced at her still-flat tummy. "Of course he will, you have a trump card in your hands."

Chu Mingmo patted her tummy and said hesitantly, "No way, I dont plan on keeping the child. What if"

Su Maner grinned. "Mingmo, as an actress, how could you forget the most common scenario?"

Chu Mingmo got an idea.

When shes done with Lin Wanwan and Fu Ya, she could pretend that she lost the child in an accident, easy as that.

"Great, lets do this!"

Although she had a plan, she was still nervous about facing the press the next day. Under stress, she took it out on Su Maner.

"Look at how dirty you are, dont mess up my carpet. Get out of my damn room!"

"" Su Maner shut the door, hiding her devilish eyes.

Fu Ya was just outside the building when a Maybach pulled up and drove alongside her.

The window dropped, and the mans handsome face was revealed.

"Seems like youre in a good mood, taking a stroll at this hour."

Fu Yas heart skipped a beat, but she kept her composure and threw him a wink. "Dont you know about the job that draws clients on the streets?"

"Oh? Did you get one?

"Just finished serving one and earned quite a bit. The only regret I have is that he wasnt as good in bed as you." Fu Ya clicked her tongue.

Si Han opened the door. "Get in."

If it were any other time, Fu Ya would have been more than willing to comply. Be it his car, or his bed.

However, Si Han appearing right after she finished her "job" made her feel a little nervous.

"Do you want to be my client too? Unfortunately, Im done for the day; how about another day?"

A few steps out, she heard his voice from behind.

"By the way, I saw something interesting earlier. Want to hear about it?"

He did see it!

However, what can he do without evidence?

Fu Ya continued walking away.

"I also happened to take a video, and such an amazing video deserves a great title How about new actress extorts confession with indecent ways?"

"" Fu Ya turned to face Si Hans discriminating eyes. She still had her smile on her face, just, but the temperature around her had dropped.

"Manager, what I did solves Lin Wanwans problem. Shouldnt you be thankful?"

Si Han raised his brows. "Get in."

Fu Ya got in, having no other choice.

She had pulled off the bandages after leaving the hospital, and the rashes itched with the cold wind the urge to scratch her faced messed with her temper.

"Si Han, what the hell do you want?"

Si Han had one hand on the wheel. "Why are you so passionate about taking nudes?"

Fu Yas action said a lot about her personality, so he wanted to see for himself.

Hearing his taunting tone, Fu Ya smirked. "Why? Are you scared of me?"

"A woman who puts her body on the table is one to fear."