Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 939

Chapter 939 No One Can Force Me To Do What I Want

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Fu Yas frustration grew with the itch on her face. She was so sick of playing games with him.

"Everyone has to give up some things to survive in this brutal world. You can only blame men for crawling up to any good-looking girls like the puppies that they are."

Si Hans face sank. "Girls who throw themselves at guys are nothing better, just like you."

"You are absolutely right. Dont you think we are the perfect match?"

Si Han snorted in disdain.

Fu Ya tapped on the door. "Since you dont intend to be my match, let me off!"

Si Han stepped on the brakes.

Fu Ya pushed at the door, only to find it locked.

"Si Han, what do you want?"

He lit himself a cigarette, and his face flickered under the shaky flare. "Pay me to keep my mouth shut."

Fu Ya froze for a second, but she soon got the idea.

"Im not a wealthy woman, so you shouldnt be after my money. Guess the only asset that I have is my bag of bones."

She leaned over and clung onto his shoulder. "Seems like youve been feeling lonely. Didnt you say that youre not interested?"

"I should still have the interest for one go."

"Im not in the mood right now."

"How can the hooker reject a client?" Si Han sounded cold and distant.

Did he really think of her as a prostitute?

For some reason, Fu Ya felt anger running through her veins. However, she didnt lose the smile on her face.

"You are right. Ill serve you right now."

She bent down and unbuckled Si Hans belt.

Si Han didnt stop her.

Her hands quickly got the belt off and unzipped his pants

"Here I come."

Fu Yas face was still filled with unpleasant rashes, but her eyes were more than enough to ignite the lust in every man.

However, Si Han was no normal man.

Fu Yas hands circled his chest, finally making Si Han squint his eyes. His lazy expression was sexy as hell.

However, Fu Ya didnt carry out the next step.



The doors were unlocked, and Fu Ya hopped off the car like an agile kitty. She didnt forget to flash the clothes in her hands as she ran off.

"Si Han, catch me if you can. Remember, no one can force me to do what I dont want!"

A cold breeze sent Si Hans legs shivering.

Watching Fu Ya disappear into the night, he laughed to himself.

What a sharp-teethed fox.

Si Han let out a heavy breath and dialed Lin Wanwans number.

"Are you free now?"

"Yep, need anything?"

"Bring me a set of clothes."

Other than Lin Wanwan, he couldnt tolerate anyone seeing him like this.

Although Lin Wanwan had no idea what was going on, she drove over right away.

She knocked on the windowpane. "Im here, open the door."

The window lowered a little and out came Si Hans voice. "Pass it."

Lin Wanwan pushed the clothes through the gap while cracking up. "Si Dada, did you decide to run around naked in the middle of the night?"

Si Han got dressed before unlocking the door.

Lin Wanwan hopped in and realized that Si Han changed only his pants. Before she could crack a joke, her nose caught a brief scent.

"This is Fu Yas smell."