Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Meeting Si Han Again

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His black hair was messy. His bathrobe was wide open, and a blonde was kneeling in front of him. Her pink lips were wandering about his strong chest.

He glanced over with his long and narrow eyes. There was nonchalance and abhorrence, and it was particularly obvious how he detested the world.

Looking at this very familiar face, Lin Wanwan suddenly felt he was a stranger. “Si Han”

Lu Zhanbei looked at her for a long time. “You know him?”

Lin Wanwan barely squeezed out a smile. “One of the most famous artist managers. How can I not know him?”

Si Han smiled lightly, but that smile did not reach his eyes. “I haven’t been an artist manager for two years.”


Lin Wanwan stared blankly at him, not knowing what to say.

They used to talk about everything under the sun before.

She did not understand what had happened for her manager and good friend to have become so indulgent.

Lu Zhanbei looked at the floor filled with cigarette butts and red wine bottles in disgust and did not walk over eventually.

“Si Han, I came looking for you so that you can return to your job as an artist manager.” The tone was faint, but it contained an underlying meaning that he would not accept rejection.


Si Han laughed coldly and pushed away the blonde’s head. He sat up straight and casually said, “Mr. Lu, I have already issued a statement two years ago that I will no longer enter the entertainment circle in this lifetime. Now you want me to go back on my words. How can I step down the stage in front of everyone?”

Lu Zhanbei replied plainly, “Even if it’s a stage made from gold, I can build one for you anytime.”

Si Han raised his eyebrows. “So you are forcing it on me?”

“More or less.”

“Which artist do you want me to be the manager for?” Without waiting for a reply, his indifferent gaze landed on Lin Wanwan’s face. “Her?”


Si Han stood and walked over to Lin Wanwan.

He was 1.87 meters, taller than Lin Wanwan by more than a head.

Looking at that stranger’s cold eyes, she felt a certain tightness in her heart. “I’ll ask boldly, why are you no longer an artist manager?”

“Little girl, I’ll give you a piece of advice. People who are too curious often die earlier.”

After saying this, Si Han looked at Lu Zhanbei and was not cowered by his awe-inspiring arrogance. The corner of his lips curved to a provoking smile.

“Lu Zhanbei, you have both power and authority. I can’t afford to offend you. However, money is not sufficient to build my stage. It’s not difficult if you want me to be the artist manager for this girl.”

He took out a Blu-ray disc from the drawer and inserted it into the DVD player.

“If this little girl can act this part well, I’ll agree to make a comeback. If not, even if Mr. Lu tries to force it on me, I won’t mind trying the taste of death.”

Lu Zhanbei looked at the images playing on the screen. Lin Wanwan turned her head as well.

This scene was from Lin Xiao’s television drama, ‘Eternal Happiness‘. It was declared by the media as one of the most difficult characters to portray.

Even Lin Xiao had NGs a couple of times then, especially for the climax scenes.

Looking at the woman in the long-sleeved red dress on the television screen, a subtle trace of pain flashed past Lu Zhanbei’s eyes. He looked at Lin Wanwan.

“Can you do it?”

Lin Wanwan rubbed her lips slightly. “I can try.”

Hearing her answer, Si Han sneered disapprovingly and waved his hand. “Start your performance.”

Lin Wanwan picked up the knife on the table, using it as a prop. She walked step by step and stopped in front of Si Han, overlooking his indifferent expression.

“Would you mind coordinating with me?”