Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 940

Chapter 940 Uproar

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Si Han didnt look too happy. "Your nose works better than a dogs."

Lin Wanwan pinched her chin. "I think I understand the situation now. Let me make a guess! You tried to do unspeakable things to Fu Ya, and she had to run off with your pants in her hands."

Si Han: "Get lost!"

It was a typical reaction from an embarrassed man. "Ill leave to check on the prop masters address, then. Dont bother me again."

"Come back!"


"You dont have to do it anymore. The problem is solved."

Lin Wanwan was confused for a second before saying with slight annoyance, "Didnt I tell you not to step in?"

"Its not me."

"Who is it? Chu Mingmo and the prop master were more well-hidden than I expected, which means whoever did it must have their ways." Lin Wanwan found a clue only after researching for a whole day.

Si Han, too, was curious about how Fu Ya found Chu Mingmos address.

He had done his research on Fu Ya. She was an orphan and used to live abroad. She came to Xia country after her parents passed away in an accident.

On the surface, she had no connection or any particular background. But if that were the case, how did she find Chu Mingmo?

This woman was way more complicated than he thought.

The next day, Chu Mingmos press conference went viral on the Internet.

She clearly said that she would reveal the truth behind Fu Yas injury, and it drew all the medias attention.

Lin Wanwan was one of the first few to watch the recorded video online.

The process was short, and to put it simply, she was there to apologize.

She declared her crimes without hesitation and stated that she came up with the plan because she hated Fu Ya and Lin Wanwan.

However, she regretted her actions and decided to clear Lin Wanwans name.

To pay for her sins, she was willing to leave the entertainment world forever.

There was an uproar among the reporters. Some cursed her for what she did while others thought that she was at least willing to change. There were also ones who wondered if she was under threat, given the sudden change.

Amidst the chaos, the prop master stepped up to the stage.

He admitted that he and Chu Mingmo planned the crime and wanted to ask for forgiveness as he felt guilty doing such things.

The reporters were at a loss for words.

When did the bad guys become so moral?

Lin Wanwan found it strange as well.

Just then, she received a message. Tapping on the notification, she finally comprehended the situation.

"Lin Wanwan, its Xing Junhuan. Cant you be cute and give me a chance to help? The prop masters confession seems so pointless after the press conference!"

The prop masters confession was his doing.

What about Chu Mingmo, then?

If it werent Lu Zhanbei and Si Han, could it be Tang Chen?

Lin Wanwan was done struggling for an answer. Anyways, things had turned out well.

After the news went out, Chu Mingmo was chewed out by the netizens. However, some praised her honesty.

Netizens felt sorry for Lin Wanwan, and Fu Ya gained a new group of fans.

The reporters posted the video of her act with Lin Wanwan, and many approved of her as a rising star in the industry.

Compared to those who try their best to create an innocent image, Fu Yas natural and blatant seductiveness seemed like a refreshing breeze to the viewers.

She was on another level.