Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 941

Chapter 941 Monks Dont Eat Meat

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Chu Mingmo had left the world of entertainment, so "Original Sin" had to find a replacement for her. Luckily, the character had few scenes, which made the process a lot easier.

The busy days passed pretty fast.

Lin Wanwans movie, "A Fathers Love Is Like a Mountain," was about to air.

To work on its publicity, Lin Wanwan flew to different cities. Although she was fit, the events drained her out.

When she finally returned to Yun Mansion, Butler Ying brought the gloomy Ruan Baoer to her.

"Baoer, come here."

Ruan Baoer sat beside her and said with a grumpy voice, "Wanwan, am I annoying?"

Lin Wanwan got the idea. "Do you feel dejected after Si Hans rejection?"

"How did you know?"

"You would never ask stupid questions like this."

Only the denial from one she loved would bring self-doubt to an optimistic girl like her.

Ruan Baoer felt lost. It was the first time that she loved a man, so she went all out for him. However, the harder she tried, the more Si Han seemed to hate her.

Lin Wanwan pitied Ruan Baoer, but she wouldnt dare to try to matchmake them anymore.

After considering her options, she suggested, "Im leaving for training later, do you want to follow me? You must be overthinking because you have nothing to do."

Ruan Baoer didnt want to be alone. "Cool."

Lin Wanwan brought her to Xing Si.

Ruan Baoer wanted to train alongside Lin Wanwan, but she could barely last for ten minutes and had no choice but to sit out of the rest.

At night, Xing Si rested on the hammock with his eyes closed.

Buzz, buzz, buzz

He picked up the vibrating phone without lifting his eyes.

"Brother, its me."


Xing Junhuan was used to his brothers simplicity. "Brother, I would like to ask for your advice."

"Tell me."

"Do you know how to get a girl?"

"Monks dont eat meat, and I dont get girls."

"" Xing Junhuan despised his brother a little. Before he could end the call, Xing Si asked, "Who are you after?"

"Lin Wanwan."

"Lu Zhanbeis girlfriend."

Xing Junhuan was alarmed. "It seems like you guys know each other. Brother, you wont be my rival, right?"


"What do you like about her?"

"Its partially because of how beautiful she is, and partially Fine, its because of her looks." Xing Junhuan didnt want to give away his sentimental side.

Xing Si looked over as he listened to his brother.

Under the dim moonlight, Lin Wanwan and Ruan Baoer slept quietly on another hammock.

Since Xing Si had raised the intensity of training, Lin Wanwan was too exhausted even to bathe. Her face was covered in dirt, and there was nothing there he would consider "beautiful."

"Its cold" Ruan Baoer mumbled in her sleep.

Lin Wanwan subconsciously opened her arms and took Baoer under her wings.

She was more like boyfriend material.

"Ill take you to the hospital and get your eyes checked."

"Are you saying that Im blind?" Xing Junhuan didnt sound too happy.

Xing Si glanced at Lin Wanwan, and Lu Zhanbeis face popped up in his head.

"Brother, the only advantage you have over Lu Zhanbei is that he cant act publicly due to his status."

Xing Junhuan thought about his words with sparkling eyes.