Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 942

Chapter 942 Ill Count To Three

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"I got it. Let me make a plan!"

"Go for it."

As Xing Si finished his line, a crystal green leaf fell from the sky. With a flick of his wrist, his slender fingers caught the leaf on its way.

"Give me five minutes."


Xing Junhuan soon understood the situation.


A loud gunshot echoed in the silent night.

Lin Wanwan was deep in sleep when she felt a murderous aura and pushed Ruan Baoer off the hammock subconsciously.


Ruan Baoer fell on all fours, and a scream escaped her lips.

It was way past the golden time for escape, so Lin Wanwan knew that she had nowhere to run.

An expandable net fell from the sky, covering her up, and at the same time, shadows emerged from the dark.

All of these happened in a split second.

"Sister Ball!"

Ruan Baoer wanted to help but was stopped by Lin Wanwan.

"Baoer, stay behind Xing Si!"

Ruan Baoer knew that she would only drag them down, so she hurried to Xing Si.

The leader of the men held Lin Wanwan over his shoulder.


Clearly, their target was solely Lin Wanwan.

"Where do you plan to take my disciple?"

Xing Sis voice brought their movement to a halt.

They knew that they were no match for Xing Si, no matter what they did.

The leader pointed the gun at Lin Wanwans forehead. "Colonel Xing, you better not try anything funny or I might blow your cute disciples head up!"

Xing Si was all smiles, but they could feel the temperature drop. He glanced at Ruan Baoers nervous cheeks and said, "Whatever youre after, be it money or looks, Ms. Ruan here is better than my stupid disciple. Since Im in a good mood today, I would allow you to make the switch."

Speaking, he grabbed Ruan Baoer by her arm and tossed her toward the other man.

"We are not switching"

Before he could finish his line, Ruan Baoer had made her landing.

She bumped right into him, causing Lin Wanwan to fall from his shoulder.

Immediately, the rest of the men fired at Xing Si.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The bullets hit only his shadow.

In the darkness, Xing Si was like a hunting predator, leaping into the backline before anyone could react.


With a crack, the enemys head bent into an impossible angle, and his body collapsed.

No one knew how strong Xing Si was because those whod experienced it were already dead.

In the blink of an eye, only the man whod carried Lin Wanwan was alive.

His reaction was the fastest of all. Right as he was about to take Lin Wanwan hostage, a cold sensation went up the back of his head.

"Ill count to three."



The man was about to surrender when he heard a gunshot.

On his way to the ground, he was babbling with his last breath, "Liar, you didnt count to three."

Lin Wanwan, who was busy getting out of the net, rolled her eyes to the back of her head.

"Dumbass! He didnt promise to kill you at the count of three."

Xing Si felt that his disciple was being smart for once.

Leaning down, he found a silver leaf on the mans corpse.

"I knew it."

As he mumbled to himself, Lin Wanwan snatched the leaf from his hand. She was surprised to find it here.

"This is"

"Youve seen this?" Xing Sis eyes flickered.