Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 943

Chapter 943 Quite Kinky

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Lin Wanwan did see it before.

When she was still Lin Xiao, she got into an accident when she was trying to save a child.

Before she lost consciousness, she incidentally grabbed a leaf from the driver who was checking on her injuries.

However, the leaf was golden.

"Nope, Im just surprised that the leaf is made out of pure silver."

She didnt want to alert anyone before making the connections between the leaves.

Xing Si didnt ask further, but his eyes were sharper than ever.

"Xing Si, how dare you use me like a bomb!"

Ruan Baoer fell pretty hard on her foot, and her right ankle was dislocated, yet she limped over and threw punches at Xing Si.

Without even looking, Xing Si dodged her attacks and lifted the angry girl by her arms. He pressed her against his legs and gave her ankle a harsh twist.

Lin Wanwan watched as Ruan Baoer suffered in pain and wondered how Xing Si was ever going to find a wife.

"Original Sin" was coming to an end, and Lin Wanwan was looking for something new to shoot.

At the manor, Si Han put a stack of scripts on the table before Lin Wanwan could even open her mouth.

Lin Wanwan scanned through it, and her eyes shone.

The drama was based on a famous novel. The story was rich on its own, and the horizon got even more extensive with the addition of famous writers.

Most importantly, the director of the movie, Qi Shujie, was not only an acclaimed director in the country but also famous overseas.

Lin Wanwan was curious about one thing. "Director Qi Shujie has always been filming art films and working with older actors. Why did he decide to do a commercial film with the majority of casts being young actors?"

Si Han: "Its normal to have a change in preference."

"Alright, Ill go for the audition tomorrow."


After the serious talk, Lin Wanwan leaned close to Si Han. "Did you visit Fu Ya recently?"

"Do you want me to visit her?"

"No, Im afraid that you did. Now that I think of it, you must be pretty kinky to try to rape her. Her face is terrifying even to me. I cant believe you are still interested."

Recalling the incident, Si Hans eyes became frosted.

Itd been years since he ended up as the loser.

Lin Wanwan felt the unfairness on Baoers behalf, so she only ran off after mocking Si Han to his limit.

At 3 in the afternoon on the next day, she attended the audition for Qi Shujies movie. It was a piece of cake for her. She won over the crowd and got the role she wanted.

Lin Wanwan becoming the female lead for Qi Shujies new movie soon became the talk of the town.

She took on a new role before her last movie even had its closing ceremony. The netizens gave her a new nickname.

"Most hardworking actress of the year."

Hearing that brought smiles to Lin Wanwans face. She had gotten the same nickname in her past life as Lin Xiao.

The final scenes were finished after Fu Ya got out of the hospital.

Three days after the shoot ended, "Original Sin" was aired.

Lin Wanwan dragged Lu Zhanbei to the premiere at the cinema under Global International Corporation. They quickly got a lounge even though all the tickets were sold out.

Before the movie began, Lin Wanwan asked, "Did Xing Si tell you about the attack?"


"Do you have a lead?"