Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 944

Chapter 944 Five Hundred And One Days

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Lu Zhanbeis eyes looked dim. "Its a mysterious organization gathering around 60 percent of all the underworlds powerhouses. Their missions have four different levels; they are bronze, silver, gold, and diamond. The higher the lever, the stronger the agents sent."

Lin Wanwans heart sank.

Was her death really an accident, or did this organization do it?

Was the kid whom she saved the target?

"Qi Junze should be part of the organization."

Lin Wanwan froze for a second. "Are you saying that Qi Junze was the one who ordered this attack?"


Although the organization was powerful, each of its members was the head of their gang.

They were used to their own ways, which led to the organization being uncoordinated.

Although Qi Junze was dominant locally, he didnt hold a high position in the organization. The highest mission that he could post was silver.

"I will continue tracking Qi Junze."


The movie started, and the pair stopped talking about it.

Halfway through, Lin Wanwan heard the audience discussing who the murderer was. Turning to Lu Zhanbei, she asked, "Who do you think the murderer is?"

"The female leads loser boyfriend."

"How do you know?" Lin Wanwan gave up.

"All thrillers are the same. The least-suspected person always turns out to be the criminal."

"Fine, smarty-pants."

After the movie, Lin Wanwan studied the reaction of the viewers. Most of them were still discussing the plot on the way out, which was a relief to Lin Wanwan. Holding Lu Zhanbeis arm, she left by the stairs and realized that it was drizzling outside.

Lu Zhanbei took off his jacket and threw it over Lin Wanwan.

He then lowered his body. "Hop on."

Lin Wanwan got onto his back and covered their heads with the jacket.

Under the light rain, Lu Zhanbei stomped away.

Lin Wanwans cheek rested on his shoulder. Before she could enjoy the moment, Lu Zhanbei ruined it.

"Lin Wanwan, you should lose some weight."

"Thats nonsense. My figure is on point right now, and I even have abs. There is no need to lose any more weight."

"Is that right?"

"You can check it out when we get back."


"" Did she fall for his trap again?

Lin Wanwan saw the subtle grin on the mans face and couldnt resist biting his ear.

"Stop it."

Lin Wanwan was not going to stop just like that and was about to get her hand into his collar.

Just then, a few men with cameras under huge umbrellas stopped in their way.

"Excuse me, are you a viewer of Original Sin? I am a reporter from Entertainment Weekly. May I ask you a few questions?"

Seeing the reporters, Lin Wanwan quickly covered half of their faces with the hoodie.

She answered the questions about the movie. Surprised by the intimate pose, the reporter cracked a joke. "You must be really in love. How long have you been dating?"

Lin Wanwan: "Almost two years."

Lu Zhanbei: "Five hundred and one days."

Reporter: "You must love your girlfriend a lot. Is she perfect in your eyes?"

Lu Zhanbei: "Barely."

She then asked Lin Wanwan the same question.

Lin Wanwan: "He has a load of problems. Hes naggy and loves to bully me, and he never supports my work. Getting him to say I love you is harder than anything in the world"