Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 945

Chapter 945 Loving Me Is Her Only Way

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She complained about a bunch of nonexistent problems.

The reporter found it pretty entertaining. "Why are you still with him, then?"

Lu Zhanbei: "Loving me is her only way."


The reporter watched the pair fade into the rain. She could feel her heart pounding.

How how how cool.

Lin Wanwan just thought of the report as a minor incident, but she found herself in the headlines the very next day.

One of the headlines was that the movies box office had surpassed three billion yuan, making her the remedy for box office.

Another one was

"Lin Wanwans mysterious boyfriend spotted at close intimacy!"

Lu Zhanbei was exposed?!

When Lin Wanwan figured it out, she was left speechless.

"Entertainment Weekly" posted the interview online. No one recognized her at first, but one sharp-eyed viewer realized that the girl was wearing the same bracelet as Lin Wanwan.

After that, everyone got excited.

The netizens transformed into man-hunters. By analyzing her figure and voice, they confirmed her identity!

The man piggy-backing her had to be her boyfriend!

Lin Wanwan tapped on the comment section.

"Lovey-dovey and rubbing it in my face!"

"Ball, your disguise is exposed!"

"Balls boyfriend has the days of dating remembered. He must be loyal~"

"Also, his last line was so charismatic!"

"They must be really close, and thats such a relief. The only regret is that I didnt get to see his face."

"Congratulations on the movie, and you have my blessings."

Tang Chen joined in on the comments.

"In a joyous occasion such as this, I would love to sing Lin Wanwan a song: I wish you a happy breakup. All the best to the two of you :)"

Lin Wanwan closed the app awkwardly and turned to Lu Zhanbei, who was reading a magazine. "Netizens nowadays are as good as spies. Im sure you will be exposed soon. By the way, do you have Weibo? Should I introduce you to my fans?"

Lu Zhanbei replied calmly, "I would never use Weibo."

Lin Wanwan: "True."

After making sure that she was focused on her phone, Lu Zhanbei quietly took out his and tapped on the like button under the post.

"Original Sin" had ended, and Lin Wanwan moved on to film "A Good Nights Sleep" by director Qi Shujie.

The movie was about a girl who traveled to a town by the southern river because she missed her grandma. In her dreams, she transmigrated into different times of history and had incredible adventures with famous figures of the past.

The theme was innovative, and it could become a legendary film if done well.

The studio was built at the center of the town, and there was a small hotel nearby rented for the staff and actors.

The room for the female lead, Lin Wanwan, was a well-lit room with a fantastic view.

Liu Zilin, who was pretty responsible as an assistant, placed the make-up products on the dressing table. She was afraid that the room was dirty, so she sprayed disinfectant all over the place.

After taking a break, the staff called to tell her it was time for a meal.

Lin Wanwan brought Liu Zilin to the hall on level one.