Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 946

Chapter 946 Middle Of A Conspiracy

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Another female actress was Mi Xue, and she was a fan of Lin Wanwan. Occasionally, they would chat on Weibo.

"Wanwan, here!"

Lin Wanwans table had Qi Shujie and other lead actors and actresses.

Although Qi Shujie was over 40, he looked pretty young. Years of studying arts and literature made him give off a prestigious vibe.

He nodded to Lin Wanwan as a greeting before raising his glass.

"The shoot starts tomorrow, so cheers to a smooth journey ahead!"

Other than Lin Wanwan, everyone raised their glasses.

The second female lead was An Qier, who debuted as a singer. Seeing the hesitation in Lin Wanwan, she glared at her.

"Wanwan, shouldnt you respond to the director?"

All eyes were on Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan grinned and decided to drink it.

She was wary due to her past experiences; anything could happen as she was new to the studio.

Just then, Qi Shujie smiled at her. "Lin Wanwan, Ive heard from An Qiao that you cant drink. Its fine, please dont force yourself."

Lin Wanwan put the glass down. "Director Qi, thanks for your understanding."

"Its a pleasure to be working together, so its important that we feel at home."

Qi Shujies words easily overcame the problematic situation.

"Its no wonder that Director Qi was dubbed the kindest director. Ive heard from actors that he would never scold the actors and is kind even to the extras."

"Most importantly, he is such a talented director. Although he had made only a few movies, he had gotten the best director award many times. Just last year, the movie Walls that he directed was even nominated for the Asian Theater Awards!"

"Its such an honor to film a movie with Director Qi."

The praises werent just flattery; they were honest admiration. Even Lin Wanwan had to admit that Qi Shujie was the director with the best reputation.

Generally, famous directors would be harsher towards actors, but Qi Shujie was different. He was kind and approachable, and hed never had a scandal in his 20 years of marriage.

After a few rounds of drinking, Qi Shujie made his exit while the rest continued.

The moment Qi Shujie closed the door, the smile on his face was replaced with frustration.

Just then, his phone rang.


The girls voice was sweeter than ever. "Honey, what about the favor that I asked? Do it before the filming starts or youll have to waste time deleting Lin Wanwans scenes."

Qi Shujies brows twisted. "Your methods risk is too high. Let me think of another way."

"What risk is there? Honey, Lin Wanwan has sabotaged me to this extent, we have to make her pay. If you wouldnt help me with such a small matter, then there is no point for the child in my tummy to exist!"

Qi Shujie was contemplating.

His status in the entertainment industry was among the very top.

In the publics eyes, he was wealthy and talented, but he had a deadly flaw.

He was 42 but still didnt have a child.

Chu Mingmo had caught his weakness.