Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 947

Chapter 947 It Is Finally Time To Start Paying The Debts You Owe Me

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"Mingmo, even if our plan succeeds, it would be impossible for Lin Wanwan to make a turnaround. However, I might be implicated because of this matter."

From his tone, Chu Mingmo could tell that he was wavering, and her voice became gentler.

"Dear, you have been busy for so many years. You should have rested a long time ago. After I get rid of Lin Wanwan and Fu Ya and give birth to our child, and after you divorce that yellow-faced wife of yours, we can enjoy ourselves with our family of three. Wouldnt you like such a lifestyle?"

Qi Shujies heart wavered and he gritted his teeth. "Ok, Ill go along with you."

"Thank you, dear!"

Both of them discussed some details for a while. Chu Mingmo gleefully hung up the call and signaled an OK to Su Maner.

A trace of joy flashed past Su Maners face. She said ruthlessly, "Just to make sure, we have to do some second-hand preparation work and ensure that theres no possibility of Lin Wanwan making a comeback!"

Lin Wanwan

It is finally time to start paying the debts you owe me.

Lin Wanwan lay on the bed. She was about to sleep after memorizing her script when a series of knocks could be heard.

"Lin Wanwan, are you asleep?"

Lin Wanwan pulled open the door. The person who knocked was Qi Shujies assistant. He said apologetically, "Sorry to have disturbed you while you were resting. Director Qi decided to adjust the content of the script at the last minute and needed to discuss this with the main actors and actresses. Were left with only you and Angela."

Lin Wanwan didnt suspect him. "Ill change my clothes first."

She changed into a casual outfit and knocked on Qi Shujies room door.

"Come in."

Qi Shujie stayed in the only suite in this hotel. Lin Wanwan pushed open the door and entered. She realized no one was in the living room.

"Director Qi?"

"Lin Wanwan, were in the bedroom." Qi Shujies voice, accompanied by light music, traveled over.

Lin Wanwan slowly walked over and pushed open the door to the bedroom.

It was pitch black inside.

She was in doubt when a pair of hands silently reached over from behind her. They were about to embrace her when Lin Wanwan spread open her palms and clasped the other partys wrist. She gave this person an overarm throw.


Qi Shujie, who fell to the ground, let out a pitiful scream. His whole body was aching.


The light that suddenly lit up illuminated the room brightly.

Lin Wanwan surveyed her surroundings. There wasnt anyone else here. She suddenly felt vigilant, but she wasnt willing to doubt a highly-respected director without any evidence.

"Director Qi, didnt you want to discuss the script with us? Where are the rest?"

Qi Shujie suppressed the pain in his body and the anger in his heart. He climbed up and sat on the bed. Then, he patted the spot next to him.

"Come over and sit."

Lin Wanwan half-laughed and raised her eyebrow. "Director Qi wants to promote me?"

"Dont say it so badly. You and I both know in our hearts what kind of place the entertainment circle is. Why did you think I gave you the female lead role? Its because I like you."

Qi Shujie smiled like a gentleman, but Lin Wanwan felt disgusted.

She thought that he was an understanding and excellent director. She didnt expect him to be a hypocrite!

Qi Shujie walked over and stared fixedly at Lin Wanwan.

Under the light, he looked at the beauty. The more he looked, the more beautiful he found her to be.

Qi Shujie suddenly realized that Lin Wanwan was much prettier than Chu Mingmo.

Her facial features were charming. When she smiled, it was like the snow was filled with snow plums. That extreme sense of stunning beauty was something Chu Mingmo could never provide him with.

Qi Shujie was initially resistant to Chu Mingmos plan. However, his heart now burned with passion.