Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 948

Chapter 948 The Official Wife Charges In

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She was such a beauty. It must be comforting for the soul to taste her.

"As long as you listen to me, I guarantee that the female lead in my movies in the future will always be you. With my support, youll be able to receive the best actress trophy from one of the three major film festivals by next year, at the latest. He who understands the times is a wise man. Youre a smart girl. You should know how to choose."

Lin Wanwan hooked a finger at him.

It was such a simple action, but it was extremely charming when she did it.

A trace of obsession flashed past Qi Shujies face, and he couldnt help but lean in.


The slap that Lin Wanwan gave him was quick and forceful. Qi Shujies body swayed from the impact, and a palm print appeared on his cheek.

"You actually dared to hit me?!"

Ever since Qi Shujie became famous, everyone from the third-rate stars to the top actresses had greeted him respectfully.

"Lin Wanwan, since you asked for it, dont blame me for destroying the flower!"

Qi Shujie laughed ferociously and pounced at Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan wrapped her arms around her chest and stretched out a leg.

The angry Qi Shujie fell down.

"Director Qi, I think theres no point in us cooperating. Coincidentally, the contract hasnt been signed. Lets leave it at that." After saying this, Lin Wanwan turned around and left.

Qi Shujie, who was lying sprawled on the floor, had a sinister look on his face.

If Lin Wanwan knew what was good for her, he wouldnt mind being merciful.

However, now

The images of her entering his room had already been captured by the surveillance camera. As long as he uttered nonsense in front of the media, based on his good reputation, Lin Wanwan need not think of clearing her name!

Lin Wanwan didnt know Qi Shujies evil intentions. She walked past the living room and was about to pull open the room door.


The room door suddenly opened. It vibrated so much that dust started to fall off the walls.

Surrounded by a group of reporters, a woman moved her slightly plump body and squeezed in. She saw the shocked Lin Wanwan and a vengeful luster appeared in her eyes. She lifted her hand and wanted to grab Lin Wanwans hair.

"Indeed, that man is fooling around with a vixen!"

Lin Wanwan recovered herself and avoided her.

"You slut. You still dare to hide?"

The woman was about to tear Lin Wanwan apart when Qi Shujie walked out upon hearing the commotion. After witnessing this scene, he had a panicked expression.

"Wife? Why are you here?!"

The woman was like a wild beast as she pounced over with a roar. She pushed Qi Shujie to the ground and rode him at his waist. She used both hands to rub his face and cursed nonstop.

"Qi Shujie, you ungrateful a*shole! If you hadnt relied on me for funding back then, how would you have transformed from a poor kid who came out from the mountain village to a well-known director? Now that youre rich and famous, you start to complain that Im old and went to seduce vixens behind my back!"

Qi Shujie couldnt move at all as the woman was sitting on him. Traces of blood appeared on his face immediately and he cried for mercy pitifully. "Wife, stop hitting me. Its none of my business. It was Lin Wanwan. She ran into my room and wanted to seduce me. I didnt touch a single strand of her hair!"

The plump woman stopped in her actions and looked at him suspiciously.


"Wife, we have been husband and wife for 20 years. Why would I betray you? I only have you in my heart!" Qi Shujie was close to swearing with his fingers up.

"Ill believe you one last time."

Upon hearing this, Qi Shujie heaved a sigh of relief. However, his heart was filled with hatred.

This evil yellow-faced wife. Hed really had enough of her. However, a lot of people knew that he had relied on her familys support back then to achieve the status he had today.

Thus, he couldnt get a divorce so easily. If he did, he would leave behind a bad name of being ungrateful.