Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Lin.. Could This Be God's Will?

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She remembered that, in her previous life, he was deserving of a good spanking when she acted in front of him for the first time.

Today, she was going to teach him how to get along well with others again!

“Whatever you like.”

“Thank you.”

Lin Wanwan took a deep breath and her expression gradually changed.

She squatted and her fair-skinned hands stroked Si Han’s face. As she gently massaged his face, her expression became scarily cold.

“Brother Lin, do you remember that year when you wanted to borrow soldiers from my father? You said to me in front of him that if you ever let me down, you will die from being pierced by a thousand arrows.”

“Wan Er is here today so that you can fulfill the promise you made that year.”

She lifted her hand and the knife handle was stabbed into Si Han’s abdomen again and again. The force was strong and brutal.

Her expression gradually turned colder, and eventually, she was numb to the point of ruthlessness.

It was not clear how many times she had stabbed him. She stood up and was not affected by Si Han’s shocked expression at all. She elegantly brushed the strand of hair dangling from the ear.

“The emperor is dead, ring the funeral bell!”

“The crown prince is too young, so from today onwards, Daying Dynasty is mine! I will rule in place of the emperor!”

Lu Zhanbei quietly looked at this scene, and his eyes were subtle.

This was not the first time he had seen Lin Wanwan act, but he was still shocked every time he did.

Lin Wanwan stroked Si Han’s face again, and tears started to stream down her face.

“Brother Lin, the happiness that you owe me shall be repaid with your dynasty.”

She bent down her head and was about to kiss Si Han’s forehead.


A slender hand reached out horizontally in front of her eyes, preventing her from performing the kiss.

Lin Wanwan also detached herself from the character immediately. She rubbed her eyes, which were still subconsciously tearing. The sorrow was gone in an instant, and what was left was only embarrassment.

“Sorry, I was too into the character.”

She wanted to take a step back, but Si Han grabbed her hand so tightly that she was unable to break free from the hold.


Si Han did not say anything and just stared at her.

In those moments, he really thought that she was back.

Lin Wanwan tried to pull out her hand but failed. She looked helplessly at Lu Zhanbei.

“You acted well.” The man patted her head, and his eyes were surprisingly gentle.

Lin Wanwan was stunned. When she looked closely again, she could no longer see anything.

Lu Zhanbei took her hand out and looked at the somewhat confused Si Han. “Has she met your expectations?”

Si Han continued to remain silent. After a long time, he looked at Lin Wanwan with a complicated expression. “What is your name?”

“Lin Wanwan.”

“Lin” Si Han laughed and mumbled, “Could this be God’s will?”

He slowly exhaled and his expression quickly became calm again. He no longer seemed scattered, and he said with a strong attitude, “Lin Wanwan, provide me with all your information. I don’t care about personal matters, but if they involve the entertainment circle, tell me everything.”

Did this meant that he was going to be her artist manager?

“No problem.”

“Give me your mobile.”

Lin Wanwan obediently handed her mobile to Si Han. She saw him enter a string of numbers, dialed, and then hung up.

“My mobile number. But you have to tell me in advance everything related to work. I will teach you what to do.”


Damn! Did he have to be this arrogant?

If not for the sake of their long friendship, Lin Wanwan would have left before then.

He was such a gentle person before. Why in the world was he acting like an overbearing tyrant now?

“Ok.” She smiled and reached out a hand. “Dear manager, kindly give me your guidance in the future.”