Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 950

Chapter 950 So Gross

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Lin Wanwan texted Liu Zilin after escaping from the hotel.

Half an hour later, Liu Zilin came with a suitcase in her hands.

After hearing about what happened, she clenched her teeth. "Men are just lustful and disgusting creatures!"

"Not my man," Lin replied with a smile.

She didnt look too affected as she checked her watch. "Lets find a place to stay for now and leave for the Imperial Capital tomorrow."

It was late, so she didnt want to bother Lu Zhanbei.

The next morning, Lin Wanwan was woken up by someone knocking on the door.

She nudged Liu Zilin, whose head was buried under her sheets. "Time to wake up."

Liu Zilin hugged her tight as she mumbled, "Just a while more."

Just then, the door was kicked open.

Lin Wanwan smiled as she saw the ones outside.

"What a surprise that the big boss himself would come and get me. Yo, Si Dada is here as well."

Lu Zhanbei glanced at Liu Zilin, who was clinging onto her, and his lips curved. "It seems like you are doing fine."

Liu Zilin woke up due to the murderous atmosphere in the room.

"Dont be afraid."

Lin Wanwan walked to Lu Zhanbei after comforting Liu Zilin and pitifully sniffed her nose. "Lu Zhanbei, I just cheated on you, are you here to punish me?"

It was obvious that Lu Zhanbei and Si Han got there after hearing the news about her.


Lin Wanwan pouted. Why was he so harsh?

"Fine, I have my plan-Bs anyways, and there is one right here. Si Dada, will you marry me?"

"I dont want to die young." Si Han was not cooperative at all.

Lin Wanwan pushed them away. "I hate you guys!"

They were about to look into the matter. Liu Zilin was a little afraid of Lu Zhanbei, so she found an excuse to leave.

Lin Wanwan logged on to Weibo.

As expected, the internet was filled with news of her seducing Qi Shujie for the role.

At first, the netizens were refraining from taking sides and wondering if there was a mistake.

There were too many similar scandals, and they didnt want to be slapped by facts again.

Soon after, Madam Qi questioned the media about what Lin Wanwans intention was for visiting Qi Shujies room at that hour.

The CCTV had caught everything that happened in the room.

As the netizens were getting swayed, Qi Shujie gave her a killing blow.

He confirmed that Lin Wanwan wanted to use her body to trade for more resources. He also said that he had to chase her out of the room but was met by his wife.

The internet blew up.

Qi Shujie had a perfect reputation, and everyone knew that he was a loyal and kind man who had no scandal.

His words were more trustworthy than anything.

Immediately, Lin Wanwan was the bad guy.

Cheating on her boyfriend and stomping on a couples marriage

The blame was thrown on Lin Wanwan, and with the others controlling the comments, Lin Wanwan soon became the most shameless actress.


Lin Wanwan didnt care about the scolding online, but she was grossed out by Qi Shujies pretentious character.

Si Han raised his brows. "Whats the plan?"

"Heh, an eye for an eye!"