Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 951

Chapter 951 Wild On The Inside

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Against a bastard like him, there was only one way out.

Si Han looked away in disdain. "You have grown violent."

She used to come up with different ideas in the past. However, ever since shed trained with Xing Si, her behavior had become similar to his, preferring violence over other ways.

Just then, Lin Wanwans phone rang. She checked the number and put the call on speaker.

"Fu Ya, are you calling to comfort me?"

Fu Yas husky voice sounded particularly alluring. "Im just here to mock you. Even a vixen like me wouldnt fancy an old guy like that. You need to fix your taste in guys."

"I am no match for you, of course. Youve slept with Si Han, after all."

Lin Wanwan earned herself a glare from Si Han.

"When choosing guys, you have to pick those who are serious on the outside and wild on the inside"

Si Han cut her off. "Fu Ya, if you dont shut up right now, I will shut you up forever."

She paused for a moment before giggling. "Should I go ahead and seduce Qi Shujie to let the reporters know about his true colors? That would be a piece of cake for me, anyway. Manager Si should know exactly how it works."

Si Han snatched the phone and cut the line.

Lin Wanwan cleared her throat awkwardly before changing the topic.

"Do you have a better idea?"

Si Han grinned unconcernedly. "I have a gentler idea."

No way is it gentle in any way!

Lin Wanwan shed crocodiles tears for Qi Shujie in her heart.

"Alright, I believe in you."

Si Han left for the Imperial Capital immediately, bringing Liu Zilin with him.

Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei stayed to travel around the beautiful city.

There was a river that ran through the town. Lin Wanwan rented a boat and ordered Lu Zhanbei to row. The girl enjoyed the sunlight on the deck.

After a while, Lu Zhanbei pushed the pedal to her.

"Your turn."

"Why? As the man, how can you let a soft girl like me do such tough work?" Lin Wanwan complained.

"Soft girl?"

Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes, foreshadowing a storm on its way.

"A soft girl that jumps off from the third floor?"

"" Lin Wanwan felt a little guilty. She leaned toward Lu Zhanbei and grabbed his arm. "Dont be mad; I had no choice in that situation. Also, given my agility now, there wouldnt be a problem even if I hopped off from the tenth floor."

Lu Zhanbeis laughter was piercing. "Excuse me?"

Lin Wanwan felt her heart drop. "Cough! I promise there is no next time.’"

Lu Zhanbei turned his head away.

Lin Wanwan moved to his line of sight again with a pair of puppy eyes.

"No use acting cute."

Lin Wanwans eyes flickered as she scanned her surroundings. Making sure that there was no one nearby, she went straight for his lips. Her tongue broke through his defenses and drew out his lust.

His slender fingers held onto her chin as he retaliated aggressively.

No matter how monstrous Lu Zhanbei was, he couldnt give it to her on the boat.

"I wont take this as an answer."

"" Lin Wanwan glanced at a particular area on his body.

He was definitely enjoying it.

This was a classic example of being serious on the outside and wild on the inside.

Wasnt Lu Zhanbei the type of guy that Fu Ya talked about?