Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 953

Chapter 953 Despicable Shameless?

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Lin Wanwan frowned. "You couldnt have been looking for evidence the entire day, right? This wont do. Your body cant handle it. Put aside troublesome matters first. Lets head out for supper!"

Her lazy attitude made Si Han feel that he was over-anxious. "What shall we eat?"

"I heard that skewers and summer are the best match."

"" Why was her behavior the same even after reliving another lifetime?

Lin Wanwan was relatively down to earth. As long as the food was delicious, she didnt care about the environment.

She put on a disguise and forcefully dragged Si Han to a stall in a geographically secluded location that served delicious skewers.

There were many tables outside the stall. When the two of them got off the car, there was already a customer who was eating to her fill.

Lin Wanwan casually glanced over and her mouth opened slightly. "Fu Ya?"

Fu Ya, who was holding a lamb skewer on each hand, was busy eating. Her red lips glistened with oil. She had lost her usual charming and exquisite style and, instead, showed a bold and unrestrained style.

Seeing Si Han, she immediately wiped the corners of her lips with a paper towel. Her signature charming smile was revealed.

Si Han felt that it was inexplicably funny. "Its late. The vixen has transformed into a weasel."

Fu Ya mocked, "I didnt expect that the great manager would eat at such a place. Youre almighty and superior. Arent you afraid that this place will dirty your exquisite body?"

Si Han understood her subtext.

"I still have the interest to eat this once."

I still have the interest to have sex with you once

The words he said coincided with the memories of the past. The colder Fu Yas eyes turned, the happier she laughed.

Lin Wanwan sensed the smell of explosives between the two and hurriedly called the boss over to make orders.

After ordering, she asked, "Fu Ya, why are you here at such a secluded place?"

"I stay nearby."


Next, the dining table was filled with a strange silence.

As they were the only guests at this stall, Lin Wanwan didnt need to worry about her identity being exposed. She removed her mask and ate to her fill.

Until the sound of brakes sounded suddenly.

Lin Wanwan didnt turn around. She was about to put on her mask again when she heard a familiar voice.

"Lin Wanwan, its really you!"

Chu Mingmo, who was wearing a silk dress, walked over. There was an arrogant smile on her face that belonged to a winner.

"I just came back from shopping and thought I recognized you wrongly. After all, who would expect the infamous Lin Wanwan to be in the mood to eat skewers right now?"

Lin Wanwan continued to munch on the beef skewers. "Same to you too."

Chu Mingmos face became contorted instantly.

"Even if I cant be an actress now, at the very least, Im not someone who is down on her luck. Lin Wanwan, oh no, third-party Lin, I feel that based on your current situation, even if you want to become a third party, the other person might not even fancy you anymore."

Out of nowhere, Si Han suddenly said, "You think its an honor to be a third party?"

"Do you think Im Lin Wanwan? I dont do such despicable and shameless things. Even if I dont find a husband for a lifetime, I wont be a third party like Lin Wanwan!"

Si Han half-laughed. "Despicable, shameless? Well said."

His meaningful gaze made Chu Mingmo feel guilty. She fired at Lin Wanwan once again, "Lin Wanwan, this is what you deserve!"

It was this pause that made Si Hans eyes shine slightly.

Was Chu Mingmo trying to sayThis is what you get for offending me?

Combined with what he had found out previously, he understood everything.