Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 955

Chapter 955 Save Me Quickly Save Our Child

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"Si Han!"

Qi Shujies face changed. Suddenly, he opened the bedside drawer and dug out a gun. He aimed it at him.

"Dont come over. If you do, Ill shoot! Others may be afraid of you, but I, Qi Shujie, am not. No one can threaten me!"

It was as if Si Han didnt hear what he said as he stepped forward.

"Stay there. I will really open fire!"

"Go ahead."

His indifferent look ignited the anger in Qi Shujie. He became ruthless and aimed the gun at Si Hans arm.


The bullet was fast. However, Si Han moved his body slightly and the bullet hit the wall.

"How did this happen?!" Qi Shujies hands started to tremble.

Si Han looked at Qi Shujie, who was paralyzed on the ground, from atop. He adjusted his cuffs with elegant actions.

"Director Qi, I think youre mistaken. Im here not to threaten you, but to help you."


He snapped his fingers.

The bedroom door was pushed open. Fu Ya dragged an unconscious woman and walked in.

Si Han frowned. "Why is it you? Wheres Lin Wanwan?"

"She has something on and cant leave."

"Wake her up."

Fu Ya kicked the back of the womans head. "Time to wake up."

The pain caused the woman to moan and wake up. She sat up with difficulty. She saw a shocked Qi Shujie and immediately leaned over. She cried loudly while hugging him.

"Shujie! Lin Wanwan wanted to kidnap me earlier!"

Qi Shujie was shocked. He subconsciously comforted her.

Si Han looked at Madam Qi, who was on the bed. He saw that the fear on her face had turned into shock and anger.

"Madam Qi, what are you waiting for?"

Madam Qi was like an enraged female beast as she pounced toward the two without bothering to put on her clothes.

"Qi Shujie, so this slut is the one you have been raising! You actually dared to lie to me and betray me! Ill hit you to death, you adulterous pair!"

Madam Qi went full force. She tore the adulterous pair apart with her bare hands and completely prevailed.

"Ah! How painful. Stop hitting me. Shujie, save me, quickly! Save our child!"

Upon hearing the word "child," Qi Shujie stood in front of Chu Mingmo without thinking further.

"Nie Huizhen, youre a hen who cant lay eggs. Youre an ugly tigress. Mingmos already pregnant with my child. I want to divorce you!"

"Both of you still dare to have an illegitimate child?"

Madam Qi went insane. She punched and kicked Qi Shujie without any hesitation and clawed his face with her nails. However, he always kept Chu Mingmo firmly behind him.

Looking at this farce, Si Han laughed sarcastically.

Fu Ya shrugged her shoulders. "I forgot to bring the popcorn. To think Ive prepared an exciting segment."


She snapped her fingers as well.

A thin man carrying a camera came in and aimed at the three who were fighting.

Si Han looked at the other party and raised his eyebrow slightly. "Zhuo Fei?"

This Zhuo Fei was the number one paparazzi in Xia country. He specialized in digging the privacy of big-name celebrities.

The news he exposed were 100% factual. As such, he had a large group of fans who loved gossip.

"You can actually call him over."

Fu Ya threw him a wink. "You understand. Its very good to use my face."

Si Han sneered.

Madam Qi was tired from hitting them. She sat on the ground and panted heavily. Her eyes were sad as she looked at Qi Shujie, who was stroking Chu Mingmos belly.

"Qi Shujie, we have been married for 20 years but we lost to a child. I agree to a divorce. However, you have to leave this marriage with nothing. This is what you owe me!"