Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 956

Chapter 956 You And This Illegitimate Child Should Die

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Qi Shujie gritted his teeth and nodded. "Ok."

He got dressed in a hurry and helped Chu Mingmo up. "Mingmo, lets go!"

"Dont be anxious," Si Han said leisurely. "Director Qi, I said before that Im here to help you. Help you remove your joy of being a father."

Chu Mingmos body trembled. She pulled Qi Shujies hand, urging him.

"Shujie, my stomach is hurting. Bring me to the hospital quickly before its too late!"

"Give it to me."

Si Han received the notebook from Fu Yas hands. He aimed the screen at Qi Shujie and Chu Mingmo.

This was a video between a couple.

The woman calling the man "Brother" was Chu Mingmo. However, the male lead wasnt Qi Shujie.

Qi Shujie looked at Chu Mingmo fiercely until she trembled. She stuttered and explained, "Shujie, sorry. But its really only this once! Believe me, the child in my stomach is yours!"

Clap, clap, clap. Fu Ya applauded. "Chu Mingmo, you swore previously that you would never be a third party. In the end? You like to slap yourself in the face, dont you?"

Chu Mingmo gradually became fearful at the sight of Qi Shujie, who looked like he could eat someone alive.

"Were not finished yet."

Si Han played the next video.

The male and female leads in the video were the same. After the bed fight ended, both of them started talking.

"Brother Wen, Im pregnant with your child. However, we cant have this child."

"Its ok. We can have more kids in the future."

"After I dig up enough money from that old man Qi Shujie, Ill kick him aside and be with you."

"Yes. I love you, Momo."

"I love you too."

Chu Mingmo seemed to be drained of energy as she collapsed to the ground.

The house was scarily quiet.

After a long while, Madam Qi laughed out loud.

"Hahaha, indeed, heaven has eyes. This retribution comes really quickly! However, its a pity. I would it if you had raised this illegitimate child up, then realize that you have always been raising a child on behalf of others. It would have been really interesting!"

Qi Shujies eyes turned red. His expression was ferocious.


He lifted his leg and gave a kick fiercely to Chu Mingmos shoulder.

Chu Mingmo, who fell to the ground, let out a pitiful scream. She begged the violent Qi Shujie.

"I I know my mistake. Forgive me this once. I dare not do this again. Shujie"

"You and this illegitimate child should die!"

Qi Shujie roared angrily and gave another kick.

This heavy kick landed on Chu Mingmos abdomen, and he even rubbed against it with malicious intent.


Chu Mingmo let out an extremely pitiful cry. A stream of fresh blood poured from under her, staining the white wool carpet.

The extreme pain caused Chu Mingmos face to be contorted. She yelled with hatred.

"Qi Shujie, you useless good-for-nothing. I have long ago taken your body fluids to the hospital for a check. You have weak sperms and are practically impotent. Also, on what basis is it that youre allowed to cheat and make merry and forbid me to find a boyfriend? Im a slut, but youre not any better!"

It was a dog-eat-dog situation. How laughable.


Madam Qi laughed again. Qi Shujie became discouraged and fell to the ground. His hands pulled at his hair, and he looked ashamed.

Si Han raised his eyebrow. "I didnt expect there would be an unexpected gain."

As he was in a hurry, he didnt manage to find out about Qi Shujies impotency.

In the end, Si Han called the police over to clean up the mess.

Zhuo Fei received first-hand news and hurriedly went back to write his story.