Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 957

Chapter 957 She Was Obviously Not Such A Person

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Si Han and Fu Ya left the Qi family. They bumped into Lin Wanwan, who was getting off the car.

"Its settled?"


"Si Dadas great!" Lin Wanwan praised him, then asked, "How did you find out that Chu Mingmo was related to Qi Shujie?"

Actually, Si Han didnt suspect that the two of them had an improper relationship at the beginning. He only assumed that an enemy of Lin Wanwan had bribed Qi Shujie.

After he checked, he found out that Chu Mingmo was pregnant with the man she provided for.

The laughable thing was that that man also had a girlfriend.

The conversation at the skewer stall ignited a spark in him and everything became logical.

"The process is a little complicated. You wont understand even after I explain it to you. Lets omit it."

"" Her manager was hating on her every day.

Seeing that Si Han had gotten into his car, Lin Wanwan turned and looked at Fu Ya. "Ill send you back."


Lin Wanwan sent Fu Ya to the neighborhood she lived in and realized this place was very shabby. They didnt even have a security officer.

There wasnt a lift in the condominium. Both of them climbed up the stairs to the sixth floor.

From afar, she saw a lot of things, including clothes and makeup products, that were thrown outside a door.

Fu Ya started to pack her things without changing her expression.

Lin Wanwan said in shock, "These are all yours?"

"Yes." Fu Ya shrugged her shoulders. "It looks like the landlady doesnt want me to continue staying here."


"Its probably because the landlord told me the other time that if I sleep with him for a night, he will waive my rent for two years. I agreed to it as well. Thankfully, I was chased out before Ive slept with him. If not, I would have taken a huge loss."

Fu Ya had said this casually. However, Lin Wanwan frowned.

She didnt understand why Fu Ya always liked to describe herself as a slut. She was obviously not such a person.

"I have an empty condominium under my name."

"No need."

Fu Ya shook her head and smiled. The smile was less seductive but more serious, and she looked more charming.

"Ive met such situations for twenty to thirty times. If I had needed help every time, I would have long died on the streets."

Lin Wanwan was about to say something when the mobile in her pocket rang.

"Baoer, is there anything you need?"

"Sister Ball, why isnt Si Han back?"

"He should be soon. Is anything the matter?"

"Heh, heh. Im not telling you!"

Her agitated tone made Lin Wanwan develop an ominous feeling in her heart. She was about to remind her not to do anything silly, but Ruan Baoer had already hung up the call.

Fu Ya placed the clothes, which she had stacked well, into the luggage. "Wanwan, you go back first. Its late."

"If theres a need, you can call me anytime."


Fu Ya continued to pack up when she suddenly felt something licking her thigh.


Fu Ya patted the cats head. After she had placed everything into her luggage, she dragged the luggage with one hand and carried the round orange cat with the other. She headed to the stairs, her voice strangely gentle.

"Emerald Flower, we are going to move house. Move to a very fun place."


In the winery, Si Han was about to walk into the villa when a shower of flower petals fell.


As Ruan Baoer threw flower petals onto Si Han, she said with a smile, "Long time no see. Do you feel surprised seeing me?"

It should be a scare.

Looking at Ruan Baoers bright face, Si Han had a headache. "Did you forget what you said previously?"