Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 958

Chapter 958 As Long As You Kiss Me

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She had suffered a blow from Si Han back then. She threw out some ruthless words and said she would never see him again.

Now, it looked like he was happy for nothing.

Under the attack of Si Hans vicious tongue, Ruan Baoers strong heart had grown even stronger as the days passed. Upon hearing this, she smiled like a thief. "You cant believe a womans words in bed. You also cant believe her words when shes angry. If you really believe them, it proves youre silly and naive."

Si Han moved his slender finger and removed that flower petal from his shoulder. "Hand over the key."

Ruan Baoer had stayed here for a while previously. Thus, she had the key to the winery.


Si Han stretched out his long leg and planned to search her body. Ruan Baoer puffed out her chest and took the initiative to lean over.

"If you want to touch me, just say it. Ill let you touch me."

Si Han frowned and looked irritated.

He had always been simple and rude to women. However, Ruan Baoer was different because of her relationship with Lin Wanwan. If he did it too extremely, it was unknown how Lin Wanwan would torment him.

Si Han grabbed Ruan Baoers collar fiercely and carried her out.

After Ruan Baoer failed in her struggles, she actually used her long legs to wrap around Si Hans waist.

"Ruan Baoer, dont force me!"

Si Han relaxed his hand. Ruan Baoer immediately hugged him tightly, without fear of the coldness that was radiating from his body.

"Si Han, how am I inferior to that Fu Ya?"

Si Han frowned. "What did you mention her for?"

"I think you like her."

Fu Yas elegant and charming face flashed past Si Hans mind. His heart moved, then a sense of rejection sprang up.

He removed Ruan Baoers hands and sneered. "Why dont you think that I like you?"

Ruan Baoer looked at him with bright eyes that carried with them a trace of slyness.

"Then, prove it to me!"

She stood on tip-toe and pouted her lips. "As long as you kiss me, Ill believe that you dont like her."

Si Han let out low laughter. This little girl knew how to use the method of provocation.

"Its none of my business if you believe it or not."

After saying this, he prepared to bypass her and leave.

However, Ruan Baoer wrapped her arms around his neck. With fierce determination, she raised her head to kiss him.

Si Hans reaction was quick. It was impossible that she would get her way.

He buckled Ruan Baoers wrists. His narrow black eyes were filled with frost. "I have a limit to my tolerance level. Even if you cheapen yourself, you will never be able to get a man who doesnt like you to feel touched. Stop this."

When Ruan Baoer heard this, her face turned pale and her body trembled slightly.

Of course she knew she was cheapening herself.

However, love had such a huge magical power. It could turn a beloved and pampered princess into a slave begging for love.

Suddenly, a round of applause sounded.

"What a great act of seduction by the woman where the man had every intent to reject. Great manager, youre too heartless as well. You could actually bear to reject an almighty and superior daughter from a prestigious family."

Si Han looked over. "What are you doing here?"

Fu Ya walked in with her luggage. The twist and turn of her slender waist produced beautiful arcs.

Ruan Baoer rubbed her eyes. She forced the glistening tears in her eyes to disappear.

In front of her love rival, she didnt want to reveal her weak side.

Fu Ya looked at her and smiled deeper. "Ms. Ruan, you shouldnt seduce a man like that. Look carefully."

She placed the luggage on the ground. Her arms wrapped around Si Hans neck like a water snake. As he looked on playfully, she gently sucked on his sexy throat with the tip of her tongue.