Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 959

Chapter 959 You Feel Hatred For Ruan Baoer?

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Si Hans eyes darkened.

"Kiss me." Unlike Ruan Baoers way of acting like a spoiled kid while carrying with it a trace of pleading, Fu Yas voice was hoarse and sexy, carrying with it a faint command.

From the corner of his eye, Si Han looked at the young girl who had turned pale. He sighed in his heart and pinched Fu Yas chin with two fingers.

"Who is begging who now?"

"Im begging you."

Fu Ya pressed down her hand, which was on his neck, and presented her charming red lips.

Si Han complemented her actions and supported her body. Fu Ya went with the flow and jumped up to wrap her snow-white thighs around his waist.

Ruan Baoer witnessed this passionate scene in a daze, and her body turned cold.

She wanted to stop them, but she wasnt qualified to do so.

Fu Ya laughed. "Si Han, I havent had sex with a man in front of a woman before. It should be quite an exciting experience. Coincidentally, it could be a chance for Ms. Ruan to learn how I seduce men."

"We can try."

Ruan Baoers pink lips trembled slightly. "Must you use such a method to attack me?"

"You can leave."

Fu Ya looked at Ruan Baoers face, which had lost all color. Her fox-like eyes curved into a seductive arc. "Ms. Ruans pitiful look really makes me develop a heartache. Its a pity I havent finished playing with this man. If not, I would have given him to you."

As her words fell, the palms on her waist tightened its grip.


Fu Ya was in so much pain that she nearly sucked in a breath of air.

Damn. She was just making fun of him. Did he have to be so ruthless?

Ruan Baoer dug her sharp nails into her soft flesh. However, she didnt feel pain at all. After a long pause, she suddenly smiled.

"Si Han, I wont force it since you dont like me. However, you cant stop my determination either. Lets just drag it out, then. Drag it out until the day you find your true love. Only then will I give up!"

She turned around and left. She heard Fu Yas voice from behind.

"Isnt your true love me?"

She stopped in her tracks. Then, she ran out without turning back.

Si Han saw her back view disappear and immediately pushed away the woman off of his body.

"Get lost!"

Fu Ya stumbled for a while before getting her balance. She mocked, "The way you kick someone in the curb after theyve outlived their usefulness is as fast as how you were in bed."

Si Han ignored her and gave Lin Wanwan a call.

"Regardless of where you are, look for Ruan Baoer on the way to the winery and send her home immediately."

Without waiting for Lin Wanwan to ask anything further, he hung up the call.

Fu Ya sat lazily on the sofa. "I didnt expect you to actually have a soft-hearted side. Since you worry about her, why did you have to chase her away?"

Si Han looked at her. The frivolous look on his face had disappeared.

"You feel hatred for Ruan Baoer?"

Under his eyes that seemed to be able to see all secrets, Fu Yas heart skipped a beat. On the surface, she just yawned casually.

"Im just an ordinary actress whos powerless. How would I have a relationship with Ms. Ruan? Havent you checked my past well enough to know that?"

It was precisely because everything was too clear that it seemed strange.

Si Han sat on the sofa and changed the topic. "What are you here for?"

"To stay at your house for a period of time."

Her saying this as a matter-of-fact made Si Han laugh out of anger.

"On what basis?"

Fu Ya leaned closer and looked at him. Her eyes were like silk. "Dont worry, I wont let you keep me in vain. I can warm your bed for free. Im pretty, and I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve. Youll really be at an advantage."

Si Han gave a side glance and said rudely, "A woman who lies on the bed like a dead fish. You call that having many tricks up your sleeve?"