Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Now Do You Know Who I Like?

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There was an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

Looking at her bright and smiling face, a hint of absent-mindedness flashed past Si Han’s eyes. He grabbed her hand.

“Although I don’t really want to give you guidance, as long as you are obedient, I will try my best and play this character well.”

“” Oh, she so wanted to beat him!

“You guys can leave now.” Si Han seemed to be tired as he lay limp on the sofa and gave the order for his guests to leave.

Although Lin Wanwan had the urge to chat with him, she remembered her current identity and obediently followed Lu Zhanbei out of the winery.

Before getting on the car, she looked at the main gate of the winery longingly and pretended to ask unintentionally, “Lu Zhanbei, do you know why Si Han exited the entertainment circle?”

“I am not obliged to tell you.”

After answering, Lu Zhanbei saw the strong look of attachment in Lin Wanwan’s eyes. He squinted. “It couldn’t have been love at first sight with him, right?”

Chuckle Lin Wanwan nearly laughed herself to death. “Love at first sight? With him? What a joke!”

They were so close to each other that he even had knowledge of her bra size at his fingertips. Absolutely no sparks flew between them.

Even Si Han joked that their interaction was as dull as the interaction between an old couple.

Even if she stripped naked, he probably wouldn’t have an erection.

The price he paid for cracking such dirty jokes was to be badly beaten up by her.

“Mr. Lu, do you not have a sense of who I like at all?”

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrows when he saw Lin Wanwan’s teasing look.

Lin Wanwan walked over and stopped in front of Lu Zhanbei. Looking at this face that always seemed to be calm regardless of circumstances, an evil playfulness swept across her heart.

She tried hard to stand on her toes, and her right hand pulled down the man’s tie strongly!

Lu Zhanbei was stunned for a while by this sudden and unstoppable move, but he still bent down.

The two were standing face to face, the distance between them less than three centimeters.

Lin Wanwan curved her lips and smiled flirtatiously. “Now, do you know who I like?”

Lu Zhanbei tightened his arm on her waist!

“Hey!” Lin Wanwan fell uncontrollably into his arms, and both of them nearly kissed.

She was about to push him away when Lu Zhanbei loosened his grip. He looked at that lingering look on her face and gave a mocking sneer.

Lin Wanwan had a feeling she was being looked down on. She wanted to rush over to compete with him when Lu Zhanbei raised up both his hands. “I surrender.”

Lin Wanwan smiled in satisfaction and only then did she let the matter rest.

Both of them got on the car. Halfway through the ride, Lin Wanwan hesitated for a long time before asking the question in her heart.

“Lu Zhanbei, why are you so nice to me?”

He had helped her to solve problems and also helped her to find a manager.

It really was not his style for him to sacrifice himself to protect others.

Lu Zhanbei asked her back, “You really want to know?”

“I do. Nobody will be good to anyone for no reason. You helped me so much but never asked for anything in return. I want an explanation.”

“This is quite a headache then.” Lu Zhanbei held his head as if in torment. “I’ll let you know again when I have found a reason.”

Actually, he himself did not understand why he did it.

Maybe it was because she and Lin Xiao were very similar. Maybe it was because every time he saw her, he would be reminded of the feeling of palpitating with excitement in his memory.

He had always been used to getting what he wanted. Reasons were not important.

“ Forget it.” Lin Wanwan pouted. If he did not want to say it, she could not be bothered to ask again. “But I have another question.”

“Ask.” Lu Zhanbei seemed especially easy to talk to today. He was not irritated at all by her multiple requests.