Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 960

Chapter 960 Hes Good. Were Good.

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Fu Ya placed her finger on his lips and slid it downwards until his chest. "Tricks and skills are trained. The current me guarantees that youll be satisfied."

"It looks like your business has been doing well recently."

"So-so. Dont be jealous. I did all these things so that I can service you better."

Si Han grabbed her moving fingers. "Youre really so slutty."

"How will you sleep with me if Im not slutty?"

Looking into her honey-like eyes, Si Han squinted.

Having lived for so long, he had seen all kinds of women.

However, this was the first time hed encountered someone like Fu Ya.

The seemingly charming vixen was actually mysterious and ruthless. Her heart seemed to be covered with a thick armor. The harder it was to break through, the more people had a desire to conquer it.

Si Han lifted his hand and rubbed her red lips. Then, he pinched her chin.

"Fu Ya, if you want to continue obtaining benefits from me, you better keep a low profile and not think too highly of yourself. Also, dont treat me as a fool whom you can casually control. If Im happy, I dont mind playing with you. If Im unhappy, guess what the consequences to you will be?"

Fu Yas eyes shrank fiercely.

She had known long ago that Si Han wasnt someone she could control.

"Do you know what I want to get from you?"

She pointed a finger at his heart, then stopped for a while. Then, she continued moving downwards until she reached the area below the lower abdomen.

"Its so lonely to live alone. I just want to find a companion."

When a beauty made such a sad expression, people would want to give her as much affection as possible.

However, Si Hans eyes didnt waver at all. He grabbed her hand and kissed it lightly. The gentle action and his tone full of warning were completely different.

"You better know your place with this pair of hands. If not, I will personally destroy them. Fu Ya, I warn you, you better not let me find out what kind of ill intentions you have toward Ruan Baoer. If not, I dont mind letting you die!"

For the sake of Lin Wanwan, he would not let Ruan Baoer run into any danger.

After saying this, he pushed Fu Ya away heartlessly and left.

Fu Ya looked at his back view as he headed upstairs. The temperature in her eyes gradually became lower.

The next day, when the number one paparazzi in Xia country, Zhuo Fei, posted a Weibo article known as "The truth behind Lin Wanwan being a third party," everyone on the Internet was shocked.

They played the video and saw a battle among Qi Shujie and the rest. So it turned out that Chu Mingmo was Qi Shujies mistress!

The netizens were shocked. Madam Qi also accepted a media interview and clarified that Qi Shujie and Chu Mingmo, this adulterous pair, had set everything up to frame Lin Wanwan. She had misunderstood her and would like to apologize to her.

Of course, Madam Qi wasnt the only one who had misunderstood Lin Wanwan.

It was rare for Lin Wanwan to go online and post a Weibo message.

"The world is dangerous and its hard to predict people. There are times when people with bright eyes cant see clearly as well. I strongly suggest everyone to use Jianshibao eyedrops to have perfect eyesight and clearly see all the demons in the world!"

Everyone on Weibo laughed.

"If I remember correctly, Ball did an endorsement for Jianshibao eyedrops, right? In order to promote her endorsed products, Ball is quite hard-working and lonely. I strongly request Jianshibao to give Ball more remuneration!"

"Buy, buy, buy! Ill buy it later!"

"Ball has such a big heart. I feel that I love you more and more~"

"The worlds best Ball."

Lin Wanwan browsed through the comments and realized a lot of Ball fans were asking about her boyfriends attitude toward this matter. As a result, she replied:

"Hes good. Were good."