Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 961

Chapter 961 Mr. Lu Wants To Promote Me?

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The comments section was full of singles protesting.

At this moment, Lin Wanwan realized her male fan "Ball" had forwarded her Weibo message.

Ball: "Shes good too."

Lin Wanwan sent him a private message with a joke.

"As good as me?"

"Equally good."

This fellow was really good at flirting.

Lin Wanwan logged off of Weibo. Coincidentally, Si Han called then.

"Original Sin will be doing some promotions on a variety show tomorrow night. Will you be going?"

"What kind of variety show?"

"Star Producer."

This variety show was different from others. Basically, it wouldnt gossip about celebrities. All the questions asked would be related to the movie.

"Ill go. There are no clashes in schedule anyway."

"Ill help you reply to them, then."

Lin Wanwan was about to agree when she heard Fu Yas voice from the receiver.

"Manager, good morning. Do you want a morning kiss?"

Lin Wanwan said in shock, "Si Han! Could it be that yesterday night, you and Fu Ya"

"Shut up!"

Shortly after, Si Han hung up the call.

Lin Wanwan felt a little headache. Based on the current situation, the chances of Baoer successfully wooing Si Han was pitifully slim.

She wanted to help, but after all, this was someone elses relationship. She should listen to Lu Zhanbei and be an honest outsider.

On this day, Lin Wanwan spent her day in the gym. After sweating, she soaked herself in the jacuzzi to soothe her tired muscles. She put on her nightdress and walked out of the bathroom.

Lu Zhanbei, who was removing his suit jacket, looked back and saw the young girl who was blushing due to the steams heat. His sexy Adams apple moved a little.

Perhaps he had really been tolerating it for too long.

Even if she just revealed a little of her legs, his desire would start to burn.

Lin Wanwan didnt notice his strange look. She asked, "Have you eaten dinner?"

"Im about to."

"Then lets go"

Before she could finish her words, Lin Wanwan felt that she was being lifted up. She subconsciously placed her legs on the mans shoulders and let him put her down on the big and soft bed.

It was just that before he pounced over, she pressed her feet against his lean chest.


Lu Zhanbei said, "Today is a suitable day for us to have sex."

"Sure," Lin Wanwan answered without hesitation. Then, she smiled slyly. "However, I have a condition. You know it."

Lu Zhanbeis rough fingertips moved up her thigh and opened her skirt.

"We can make a deal."


"The copyright for A Good Nights Sleep is in my hands."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Lu Zhanbei slowly leaned down, and his hands roamed her body unscrupulously. "As long as you serve me well tonight, the female lead role is yours."

It looked like he came prepared.

"Mr. Lu wants to promote me?"


Lin Wanwan rolled her body and avoided his big palms with a smile. "Its a pity that as a successor of socialism, I have to be determined and say no to you!"

Lu Zhanbei smiled. "Ms. Lin looks like someone who stays true to her words."

Lin Wanwan patted her chest. "Of course. Its not easy to sleep with me, Lin Wanwan. If you dont agree to my request, you dont have to think about sleeping with me in this lifetime."

Facing her provocation, Lu Zhanbei remained motionless.

"Did Ms. Lin forget that you owe me a condition?"

"Did I? I dont remember!" she said firmly.

Lu Zhanbei half-laughed. "It looks like Ms. Lin isnt too honest."

"Of course I am. However, I dont remember I owe you any condition. Trying to misrepresent facts deliberately with your mouth? Do you think Im a fool?"