Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 962

Chapter 962 This Was A Cigarette After The Matters Done?

"Are you bullying me with no evidence?"

Lin Wanwan smiled without saying a word.

Lu Zhanbei grabbed her ankle fiercely and dragged over the woman who was looking satisfied.

Lin Wanwan initially thought that he was going to force himself on her. She was both anxious and angry, but she couldnt win against his big thighs.

At this moment, Lu Zhanbei slowly dug out his mobile and waved it in front of her.

"Thankfully, I came prepared."

Lin Wanwan looked at him, puzzled. Her gaze fell on the screen.

It was a screenshot of a text message.

"If you lie to me, youll get punished."

"Oh, so exciting. What kind of punishment?"

"Let me kiss you. Or warm up my bed for a night."

"Ill send you a warm bed. Its my honor to sleep with you!"

After reading this, Lin Wanwan was speechless.

This was a message when she first participated in the Silver Deer Movie Festival.

When Lu Zhanbei inexplicably asked if she was nervous, she casually said she was. In actuality, she was relaxed.

As such, there was this screenshot.

However, Lin Wanwan didnt realize that it had been 520 days since the day this message was sent.

Lu Zhanbei chose this day to produce the "evidence." To him, this was a ritual.

"I didnt lie to you. I was really nervous back then." Lin Wanwan struggled hard.

Lu Zhanbei slid his finger and opened the next photo. It was an image of her smiling as she replied to the message. She didnt look nervous at all.

Lin Wanwan wiped her face. "Lu Zhanbei, you have dug this hole deep enough. Youve had indecent thoughts about me since then?"

Lu Zhanbei didnt change the topic and stated his answer at that moment.

"Im very willing to give you this honor."


What else could Lin Wanwan say?

The evidence was there. She couldnt rebut.

"Come at me!"

She spread her arms and legs wide with a sad expression.

Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes. "Are you trying to make me lose my appetite?"

"If you dont have the appetite, why not leave it for next time?"

Lu Zhanbei laughed evilly. "Dont think of running away today!"

This sentence was accompanied by his passionate lips. His actions were wild, leaving no room for change.

For the first time, Lin Wanwan felt that fire-like desire.

There was a voice inside her that kept bewildering her.

Since she was sure she loved him, and that it must be him, then, just succumb.

Their clothes fell into a messy pile.

"Painful!" Lin Wanwans toes curled up.

Lu Zhanbei kissed her lips, as if comforting her. "Itll be over soon."

It would be over soon?

Ah was Lu Zhanbei that lousy?

Not knowing how long had passed

"Lu Zhanbei, why arent you done yet? I thought you said itll be over soon?"

"I meant the pain youre experiencing will be over soon."

"How long more"

He finally obtained the woman he had been desiring for a long time. No words could describe that sense of satisfaction.

Lu Zhanbei blocked her chattering mouth. He was like a satiated beast who left behind all kinds of traces of sworn sovereignty on her body.

The sky became completely dark. This "war" finally ended.

Lin Wanwan was trained by Xing Si for such a long time. Although she was tired, it wasnt to the extent that she would faint.

Lu Zhanbei carried her to the bathroom to wash up. After that, he leaned against the head of the bed and started smoking.

Noticing the glance from Lin Wanwan, he smiled lazily.

"Just one cigarette."

"This was a cigarette after the matters done?"