Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 963

Chapter 963 Finally Had My Fill

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"I suppose so. Its to celebrate that I finally had my fill."

Lu Zhanbeis messy strands of hair were scattered over his fair-skinned forehead. He squinted his pretty phoenixes slightly. Under the loose bathrobe, a small tooth mark could be seen faintly on his collarbone. That lazy temperament was so sexy and seductive.

Lin Wanwan suddenly felt thirsty. She looked at him in a daze.

After staying with Lu Zhanbei for so long, she thought that she was already used to his looks. However, at this moment, she actually felt touched.

"Lu Zhanbei."


"I want you."

Lu Zhanbei extinguished the cigarette butt, his gaze cold. "Are you sure?"

Without waiting for her answer, the man had already attacked her.

"Do mention more of such requests in the future."

"" Lin Wanwan couldnt help but sigh. The mans seductiveness was to blame.

This time, until the very end, even if Lin Wanwans physical condition was superb, she couldnt handle it. Feeling Lu Zhanbeis excited body, she cried without tears.

"I I dont want it anymore"

"You still have the energy to speak. It looks like I havent tried hard enough."


In the end, Lin Wanwan didnt know if she fell asleep or fainted.

When she regained consciousness, it was already noon. The mobile under her pillow was vibrating crazily.

Lin Wanwan closed her eyes and answered the call.


Si Han, who initially wanted to question her, frowned immediately upon hearing her hoarse voice. "Fell ill?"

"Yes. Im about to die."

"Ill help you push back todays schedule then."

Lin Wanwan suddenly recalled that she had to attend a variety show.

"No need. My bodys fine. Ill be right over."

"Then why did your voice sound so weak?" Si Han questioned.

Lin Wanwan looked up with a sad expression. "A rendezvous is always short but exhausting. Ever since then, the king no longer woke up early. Although Im not a king, its also hard for me to resist the beauty."

Si Han was speechless. ""

He understood it this time around. It was difficult for Lu Zhanbei to actually start feasting only now.

Hearing the static noise from the receiver, Lin Wanwan put down her mobile and stared at the ceiling with her eyes blank.

"Still reminiscing?"

Lu Zhanbeis sudden ridicule was exchanged for Lin Wanwans angry gaze. She wanted to sit up but fell back down again due to her aching waist.

"Didnt anyone teach you to not overdo things? Eating so much at once. Arent you afraid of choking to death?!"

"I think that its not enough."

Damn! Was this man Teddys reincarnation?!

"Go bring my clothes over!"

Not only did Lu Zhanbei bring over the clothes, but he even asked gently, "Do you want me to help you put them on?"

Lin Wanwan spread open her arms and said mockingly, "Indeed, a satisfied man is easy to talk to. I havent received such special treatment in the past hey! Dont use your hands and legs!"

"This is the service fee I deserve."

If Lin Wanwan wasnt aching all over, she would definitely have a fight with him!

Lin Wanwan, who had been through "damage," couldnt drive herself. She called Liu Zilin and asked her to drive her over.

On the way to the Imperial Capital TV station, Lin Wanwan napped in the car for a while and felt better. Even if she tried her best to control it, her legs were still shaking slightly.

Liu Zilin was puzzled. "Wanwan, are your legs not feeling well?"

"I accidentally injured my leg last night."

"Ill buy you some medicine later, then."


Under the lead of the stall personnel, Lin Wanwan went backstage and met up with the rest of the cast of "Original Sin."

She nestled herself on the seat. As she yawned, she let the makeup artist do her face.

Fu Ya leaned over and sized her face up.

"What a nice face of flowers blooming in spring."