Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 964

Chapter 964 Based On Each Ones Ability

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"" Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes at her.

At this moment, the director walked out and handed the scripts to the few main actors and actresses. Then, he explained how they would be appearing.

To put it simply, Lin Wanwan and Shi Chen would dance to a hot tune. Then, Fu Ya would come out from a box.

Lin Wanwans face went bitter.

For her, even walking hurt right now. How would she have the energy to dance?

Fu Ya saw her dilemma at once and said, "Ill dance with Shi Chen. Then, well invite Lin Wanwan out. The effect will be better that way."


The director hesitated and looked at Shi Chen.


"Ill make the adjustments immediately."

Half an hour later, the recording of the program began.

Following the rhythmic sounds, the overcrowded studio quietened down.

Under the lights, Fu Ya and Shi Chen waltzed out.

The dance steps were ever-changing and Fu Yas skirt fluttered. It was an eye-catching scene and everyone applauded wildly.

As Shi Chen hugged Fu Yas waist with one hand, he held up her thigh with the other.

Fu Ya cooperated and leaned back her upper body. She threw a wink to the audience and immediately received cheers from them. She was satisfied and was about to end with this position when she felt someone touching her thigh!


Shi Chen that a*shole was taking advantage of her again!

Fu Ya nearly hurled vulgarities. However, in a situation where cameras were recording from all sides, she could only smile and retract her leg. She made a gesture of invitation to a long and rectangular box.


The box opened on all sides and Lin Wanwan made a grand appearance.

The audience burst into thunderous applause immediately.

At the end of the opening, Lin Wanwan and the rest were invited to take a seat on the sofa.

After the self-introductions, the beautiful female host started her interview.

Considering the issue of ratings, the program added a new audience question-and-answer segment.

The first to ask a question was a young and pretty girl.

"As a huge Ball fan, I want to ask Ball, when are you going to reveal a photo of your boyfriend?"

"That depends on fate."

"Ball, when are you getting married? After marriage, will you continue to film?"

"That depends on the mood."


Eighty percent of the questions revolved around Lin Wanwans love life. She felt tired in her heart.

"Ball, I heard that the release date of Original Sin will clash with the other Balls show. Are you worried this will cause embarrassment?"

Thank god. They were finally back to the main topic.

However, who was this other Ball?

Lin Wanwan thought for a while and understood it after.

There was a Lin Wanwan in the entertainment circle, and then there was a Wei Wanwan. Both their names followed the rules of reduplication and were pronounced similarly.

Wei Wanwan debuted two years earlier than Lin Wanwan and was a hit. She had always starred in movies. Both she and the previous Lin Wanwan minded their own business.

However, due to the clash of the movie release dates recently, both of them were facing each other for the first time. People had started to compare them frequently.

From their looks to their figures, acting skills, boyfriends, and all other aspects, Ball fans and Wan fans were locked in a fierce struggle.

In the end, a Wan fan expressed angrily, "Ball was Wei Wanwans nickname. However, Lin Wanwan shamelessly misused it. Perhaps she even deliberately named herself Wanwan so that she can make use of Wei Wanwans popularity."

Ball fans were furious.

Although Lin Wanwans qualifications couldnt be compared to Wei Wanwans, in terms of box office appeal and her status in the entertainment circle, she had already surpassed Wei Wanwan. Who was making use of whose popularity?

The seeds of hatred between the two fan clubs grew bigger and bigger. It had reached a point where they would tear at each other every time they met.

Lin Wanwan recovered herself and answered the audiences question.

"Theres nothing to be embarrassed about. It depends on each ones ability."