Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 966

Chapter 966 A Marching Warrior

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Lin Wanwan laughed under her breath.

Although the girl had changed quite a bit, she was still a fierce woman.

Wei Wanwan was raging. "Who the hell are you?! Why are you talking to me like that?"

Lin Wanwan stepped up to protect Liu Zilin. "Wanwan is a name that my mother gave me, and I will not ever change it. Only those with a weak mind would care about the name."


Wei Wanwan wanted to say something, but she decided to end it with a snort.

"Well see!"

She swung her ponytail and strolled forward. She was clearly trying to waste Lin Wanwans time.

Lin Wanwan was in no rush as she started blasting a song from her cellphone.

"A warrior on the horse is running across the field~ I would follow you to the endless world"

The song echoed loudly in the hallway.

Wei Wanwan felt her eardrums hurt and turned to glare at Lin Wanwan.

"Stop it! Its so noisy!"

Lin Wanwan gave her words back to her. "This place doesnt belong to you, and its our freedom to listen to this song. If you find it loud, how about buying the whole TV station? Someone loves to take others work anyways."

Wei Wanwan accused her of riding Wei Wanwans popularity. On the other hand, Lin Wanwan mocked Wei Wanwan for making use of her fame.

Lin Wanwans fame was higher than Wei Wanwans recently.

Wei Wanwans face turned pale as she stomped off.

Lin Wanwan finally turned the music off.

Liu Zilin stared at her. "You are good at this."

"I just dont want to argue with a stupid person."

They headed straight for the exit.

However, the usually quiet exit was filled with loud discussions.

Wei Wanwan walked over in doubt.

The Imperial Capital TV Station was a symbolic building in the city. The highrise building had a gigantic display outside. The screen, once used to celebrate achievements, was now surrounded by an excited crowd.

"Whats going on?"

Lin Wanwan peeked outside.

Wei Wanwan moved away from her in disdain. Just then, someone spotted the two and yelled.

"Wanwan, a rich guy is confessing to you! Come!"

Wei Wanwans assistant giggled. "Wanwan, they are calling for you. It must be one of your fans again. Lets check it out."


Wei Wanwan snorted casually, but the arrogance in her eyes had nowhere to hide.

"Ive been working for so many years, and Ive seen it all. These people must have nothing better to do. I will not accept it, no matter how much he likes me. Its so annoying!"

Hearing this, her assistants started the flattering party.

"Wanwan, this means that you are lovable and have a large number of fans. This is unlike someone who could never be compared to you despite using your name to gain fame."

"Exactly. You are a tier-one celebrity, and not just anyone can compare to your prowess and fanbase."

"Wanwan, lets go check it out. We want to see it for ourselves!"

Wei Wanwan acted like she had no choice as she let out a sigh.

"Fine, lets take a look."

She raised her head like a proud peacock as she crossed shoulders with Lin Wanwan.