Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 967

Chapter 967 Marry Me

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Lin Wanwan tapped Liu Zilins shoulder. "Lets go."

Wei Wanwan approached the crowd with a few assistants around.

"Make way, the main character is here!" one of the assistants yelled.

The crowd immediately made way. However, the looks on their faces were a little off when they saw Wei Wanwan.

"Where is the person confessing to our Wanwan?" the assistant asked after looking around.

The crowd didnt know what to say. Just then, someone saw Lin Wanwan, who was about to enter her vehicle. "Lin Wanwan, come here!"

Lin Wanwan was confused as she walked over.

Wei Wanwan folded her brows as she ran out of patience. "Where is the fan? I have a shoot to attend in half an hour."

Finally, someone spoke up. "Ms. Wei, please look up."

Wei Wanwan raised her line of sight and spotted the words on the LED screen.

"Lin Wanwan, marry me!"

Wei Wanwans mind went blank.


Someone in the crowd couldnt hold his laughter.

"Is Wei Wanwan a comedian? Lin Wanwan was the one receiving the confession, but she stepped out shamelessly. Who is she to act all mighty?"

"Wanwan, Wanwan Maybe Wei Wanwan heard it wrong."

"By the way, could the person confessing be Lin Wanwans boyfriend?"

"No matter who it is, he must have some serious connections. This screen is not a simple advertising board, and you cant buy it with money!"

Every word was like tight slaps landing on Wei Wanwans face.


The assistant yelling moments ago called carefully, only to receive Wei Wanwans harsh glare.

"Shut up! Is it not embarrassing enough?"

Her teeth were clenched as she watched Lin Wanwan moving across the crowd.

Lin Wanwan felt a little speechless. Why was she being hated for doing nothing?


A finger was pointed to the sky, and all eyes followed.

From afar, a colorful hot-air balloon drew close. Roses covered the balloon, and a tall man waved from a distance.


Such an entrance made the crowd go wild.

Lin Wanwan felt that something terrible was going to happen.

She recognized the guy on the hot-air balloon.

At the same time, at the Global Corporation building, Gu Mo stomped into Lu Zhanbeis meeting.

"Sir, its bad!"

The executives of the company felt their heart skip a beat.

Did an economic crisis happen?

No way!

They knew the power of Global Cooperation. Just as they felt relieved, they witnessed a quick change in Lu Zhanbeis expression after hearing from Gu Mo.

"Pause the meeting!"

He got up and rushed off.

It was a rare sight to see Lu Zhanbei lose his composure, and the executives asked Gu Mo about the situation.

Gu Mo waved his hands.

"Dont worry about it. Its just that someone wants to snatch Mr. Lus wife from him, so hes off to get rid of him."

While everyone felt reassured, it gave them a clear indication of how much Lin Wanwan weighed in his heart.

The hot-air balloon landed on an open space.

The TV station was located in a busy area, and the scene was too spectacular to miss. More people were drawn to the site, including certain media reporters.