Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 968

Chapter 968 Lu Zhanbeis Ways

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The man got off the balloon.

He was born with the face of a girl, yet it looked so natural that it could make any girl jealous of him.

Slowly, he stopped before Lin Wanwan.

The crowd was silently waiting for the show to begin.

"Xing Junhuan"

Right as Lin Wanwan spoke his name, the man kneeled before her.

The ones watching went wild once again.

Xing Junhuan raised his right hand, and the massive diamond ring in his hand was exposed for the world to see.

Under the bright sunlight, the ring was blinding to the eyes.

"This ring has a 13.14-carat diamond and smaller diamond pieces of 5.20 carats. This represents my love for you."

Xing Junhuan looked more serious than ever, and his words sounded sincere. "Wanwan, we have missed each other for so many years. This time, I will not let you go. Please give me a chance to protect you, treasure you, and love you til the end of time."

Not many girls in this world could reject a sincere heart.

Especially when the owner of that heart was handsome, wealthy, and romantic.

"Lin Wanwan, marry him!" someone started yelling.

Others followed.

"Marry him, marry him!"

Lin Wanwan suddenly understood how Si Han felt when Ruan Baoer confessed to him.

It was uncomfortable to be threatened, although she knew that Xing Junhuan didnt mean to use that to his advantage.

"Xing Junhuan, I"

Lin Wanwan was cut off before she could reject him.

"Look! The words on the screen changed!"

Everyone looked up.

The words, "Lin Wanwan, marry me!" had disappeared and were replaced with


It wasnt over

"That screen changed as well!"

A "No" appeared on another LED screen nearby.

"So many signs are changing!"

Someone in the crowd checked Weibo and realized that everyone was complaining about seeing "No" on signs.

"Could it be"

All eyes were on Lin Wanwan, who pointed a finger at the biggest screen.

"This is my answer."

Xing Junhuan took a look and felt his veins pop.

He did this because he knew that Lu Zhanbei wouldnt make a public appearance. There was no way that he could have foreseen this!


There is nothing wrong with failure.

Xing Junhuan stood up and started preparing a speech to show his determination.

Just then, a Jeep drove into the crowd and stopped beside Xing Junhuan.

All that was seen was a long arm grabbing him by the collar, and the Jeep disappeared like a passing storm.

Although it was only a brief moment, many recognized that the vehicle belonged to the military.

"Lets get out of here!"

Amidst the chaos, Lin Wanwan grabbed Liu Zilins hand and ran off.

When the crowd came back to their senses, Lin Wanwan was long gone.

It took a long time for the crowd to dissipate.

"Were the signs changed by Lin Wanwans boyfriend? If it were, he must have some serious connections!"

"Could it be a coincidence? If her boyfriend were so powerful, she would have shown him off!"

"Wanwan must be really charming! She could attract such a romantic man despite having a boyfriend! Ah if only he were proposing to me!"