Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 969

Chapter 969 The True King Of Jealousy

Chapter 969: The True King of Jealousy
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Within an hour, "Mysterious mans confession to Lin Wanwan was rejected by her boyfriend" flooded the internet.
Of course, Wei Wanwans embarrassing story was not forgotten, and it drew waves of mockery.
Fans of Lin Wanwan and Wei Wanwan became more heated up.
Back at the Yun Mansion, Lin Wanwan found Lu Zhanbei resting on the sofa as she entered the living room.
She sneaked up to him and realized that he was reading the comments on her Weibo.
"Lu Zhanbei, you are now counted among the top 10 mysterious men! Look, your nickname is King of Jealousy! Haha, you deserve it!"
Everyone was discussing who her boyfriend was.
Lu Zhanbei glanced at her. "Do I embarrass you so much that you want to hide me from the public?"
"Not now."
Lu Zhanbei knew what she meant.
She would make him known only when she feels on par with him.
Lin Wanwan grabbed an apple, and the scene from before brought laughter to her face. "You really have your ways against Xing Junhuan."
He was asserting his dominance without showing his face.
Lu Zhanbei wasnt too proud. Although Xing Junhuan was a tough man, it was a piece of cake for him.
Lin Wanwan washed up and made her way into the sheets.
Lu Zhanbei pulled her close. Recalling the steamy scene from the night before, he lifted her nightgown.
Lin Wanwan hit his hands off. "Stay in your lane, boy!"
Lu Zhanbei frowned. "Does it still hurt?"
Thank god! At least he cared about her.
"A little."
"Rest well, then."
Lin Wanwan sought a comfortable spot in his arms and quickly dozed off.
The next day, "Original Sin" started its publicity.
The problem was the reporters would ask only about her mysterious boyfriend. In frustration, she got Si Han to cancel some events, leaving only the significant ones.
Lin Wanwan was eager to start on her new work, "A Good Nights Sleep."
She recalled that the copyright of the film was in the hands of Lu Zhanbei.
Lu Zhanbei was back early on that very day.
Lin Wanwan showed him the warmest welcome. "Zhanbei, you must be tired from working all day. Let me give you a massage."
Lu Zhanbei took a seat and enjoyed her service.
"Does that feel good?"
"Ive prepared the bath. Go test the temperature."
The pair moved to the bathroom, and Lu Zhanbei got into the bathtub. His arms rested outside the tub, and a pair of delicate hands massaged them softly.
"Is this the right strength?"
Lin Wanwan clenched her teeth. "Does it hurt to say yes?"
"You are so fierce."
"" Lin Wanwan felt the urge to strangle him. How could she ask for what she wanted if he wasnt satisfied?
Lin Wanwan took a bath herself, washing off the sweat from a night of hard work.
She picked a low-cut dress that would easily expose her curves. However, Lu Zhanbei was as calm as a monk as he closed his eyes.
"Lets sleep."
Lin Wanwan died a little inside.
Arent men supposed to be hungry like a hunting wolf? Why was he so uninterested in her?
Lin Wanwan climbed onto his chest, and her right hand made its way up his inner thighs. Her intention couldnt be more obvious.