Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Yes I Will Obey Your Command

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“You’ve now allowed me to find you anytime I require help. Why did you propose three requests for help initially, then? If you had told me earlier you will back me up, I won’t have saved the third request for help like a miser and refuse to use it.” Lin Wanwan complained.

“I was entrusted by someone to do that back then.”

This time, Lu Zhanbei answered very simply, and Lin Wanwan squinted her eyes.

“Entrusted by whom?”

She really could not think of anyone she knew who would be qualified enough to ask Lu Zhanbei for help.

Even Lin Qinghao would not have been able to get to Lu Zhanbei’s level.

“You will know in the future.”

Why did he not want to reveal this?

Lin Wanwan knew Lu Zhanbei’s character clearly now. If he did not want to say it, she would definitely not receive an answer.

Shrugging her shoulders, she quietly shut up.

Lu Zhanbei sent her back to school.

“I’ll be going first!”


Lin Wanwan looked back questioningly and saw him handing a lunchbox over.

“For me?”

“Jin Tong Que’s dessert is not bad. Try it.”

At this moment, Lin Wanwan was a little touched.

She pretty much had not eaten anything from yesterday to the present.

As she had been busy, she herself did not realize she was hungry. She did not expect Lu Zhanbei to notice that.

“Thank you.”

“Rest early.”

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips slightly. The golden sunlight shone through the trees and were reflected in his eyes, like gold that filled up the entire lake. There was a soft and sinuous color in his eyes.

Lin Wanwan looked at him in a daze for a long time. She could not help but smile, “Yes, I’ll obey your command!”

After receiving the lunchbox, she waved at him and walked away cheerfully.

As the figure of her bouncing with excitement gradually disappeared from sight, Lu Zhanbei shook his head helplessly.

Lin Wanwan was busy day and night. Her body was very tired.

She did not go to the classroom. Once she reached the hostel, she finished eating Lu Zhanbei’s dessert and went to bed.

It was already the next day when she woke up.

After washing up, she yawned while heading towards the cafeteria.

It was the peak period now. As Lin Wanwan entered, a commotion could be heard. Among the voices, she could hear Tao Xinyue’s and her name being mentioned.

“Lin Wanwan’s here!”

Someone shouted that and the big cafeteria immediately fell silent.

Feeling the gazes from all sides, Lin Wanwan pretended not to see them. She walked to the cafeteria window, took out her meal card, and handed it over.

“A portion of braised pork ribs, a portion of fried vegetables, and a chicken drumstick. Thank you.”

The cafeteria auntie looked at her, bent her head down, and scooped a full portion of braised pork ribs into her lunchbox.


After saying this, she gave her two big chicken drumsticks.

Lin Wanwan smiled helplessly. “Auntie, I can’t eat that much.”

The auntie looked at her kindly. “No worries. You’re still growing up. Eat more. If you can’t finish, just throw them away.”

“Ok, thank you.”

As Lin Wanwan sat down with her lunch, two girls with ponytails walked over slowly with twisted looks on their faces. “Sorry, Lin Wanwan. We have misunderstood you.”

Reading the apologetic looks from their eyes, Lin Wanwan smiled. Of course, she would not be calculative against a bunch of high school students.

“That’s because someone lied. I understand.”

“Thank you for being willing to forgive us. We’re really sorry for the past. We shouldn’t have badmouthed you.”

“It’s ok. I never heard any of those anyway.” Lin Wanwan winked playfully.

After someone started, the students behind came over to apologize one after another.

The news from the press conference had been made known to the public yesterday afternoon.

Everyone knew about how Tao Xinyue had beaten Lin Wanwan for over ten years, forcibly injected drugs into her, and maligned her about taking drugs.