Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 970

Chapter 970 Fight til Sunrise

Lu Zhanbei kept his eyes closed, but there was a deep smile on his cheeks.

"You want it?"

"And you dont?"

Lu Zhanbei didnt answer her. "Werent you in pain last night?"

Lin Wanwans voice went softer. "Its not hurting today."

Lu Zhanbei seemed to be waiting for that line as he threw himself onto her body.

Lin Wanwan didnt forget about her purpose as she hurried to make a deal. "Now that Im giving you what you want, shouldnt I get something in return?"

"For example?"

"The female lead role in A Good Nights Sleep.’"

"I recall someone saying that she wouldnt break the rules." Lu Zhanbei raised his brows.

"Im not breaking the rules; its just a gift."

"I dont remember today being any special occasion."

Lin Wanwan ran out of patience. "The gift for becoming a woman, how about that?"

"You should have asked for it two days ago."

Lin Wanwan, who was already feeling irritated, pushed him away.

"Go away!"

Lu Zhanbei buried his head in her shoulders and burst into bright laughter.

His attitude added fuel to Lin Wanwans raging anger. Before she could force him off, Lu Zhanbei kissed her on the forehead.

"This girl"

His eyes looked alluring under the dazzling light.

"You can start filming when Ive gathered the crew."

"" Lin Wanwans mind went blank, and all she could feel was her racing heart.

Lu Zhanbei tapped the tip of her nose. "Are you there?"

"Im just confused why does my brain always stop working when I meet you?"

She knew better than anyone that Lu Zhanbei bought the copyright for her. Yet, she was played into Lu Zhanbeis trap.

Damn it!

However, she had to admit that shed had her heart stolen.

"Mr. Lu, hug me!"

Lu Zhanbei grabbed her waist, and his lips moved up to her ear. "Do you still want it?"

"Yes, lets fight til sunrise."

"My pleasure."

It was another sleepless night.

Lu Zhanbei really did do it until the morning. Unfortunately for Lin Wanwan, her body underwent another round of destruction.

In her sleep, she felt someone caressing her body. "Please, spare me"

If they did it again, she might die in bed.

"Im applying medicine for you, spread your legs."

Before she could appreciate him, Lu Zhanbei continued, "You have to recover soon so we can do it again."

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes before losing consciousness. God knows if it was due to the exhaustion or to his frightening words.

Three days later, Si Han summoned her for a charity short film.

As the ambassador of the Charity Organization, she gladly accepted her duty.

Early in the morning, the organization sent a car to get her, along with a reporter from the TV station.

On the way, the vice president in-charge explained, "There are many helpful stars in the industry, so we have invited a few others."

Lin Wanwan nodded.

Even if they were just putting on a show, it was still commendable to be helping out in charity.

The destination was a rural village, and it took hours for them to arrive there.

Lin Wanwan alighted from the car. Many actresses and singers dressed in flashy outfits were already there. A majority of them didnt bother hiding the disgust on their faces.

Right in the middle of the crowd stood Wei Wanwan